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Tune In To Google I/O 2015

Google I/O is Google’s annual technology conference in San Francisco, where developers from all over the world gather for a front seat to new technologies and the chance to play with Google software and tech.

Use the livestream below to watch the Keynote, tune into presentations, and get an early peek at some of the newest Google developments.

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Planning your web development

Here’s an inside tip: don’t leave your web development planning to the last minute.

So many companies come to us with unrealistic timelines because they have very little concept of how long web development takes, how a web company operates and just how much input and feedback the client needs to contribute.

Like any successful company, we are busy.  At any one time we have 30 or 40 projects on the go and in various states of completion.  Most of our staff has a solid month of work ahead of them, subject to constant interruption due to “small stuff”.  Continue reading

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