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Why You Shouldn’t Auto-Post from Twitter to Facebook

It may seem like a good idea to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, so that when you post to one account it will automatically post to the other. But what seems like a convenient tool for you, actually has a negative effect on your followers. Continue reading

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May: What’s Up on the Hill?

Celebrating 14 Years - Radar Hill's 14 year anniversary (with a cupcake and candle)On April 15, Radar Hill celebrated fourteen years in business. We have grown from the original three owners of Shawn, Roger, and Dan, with a small handful of clients, to eleven staff and a wide range of business and non-profit clients. We are now one of the largest and most stable website design and development companies on Vancouver Island. Thank you for your support! Here is an update on the past couple of months. In this issue:

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You are invited: An Introduction to Social Media for Real Estate

Are you in real estate or in a high-referral personal services / personal contact industry, and curious about doing social media for your business? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the flood of options but don’t know where to start? Start by joining us at this event to cover: Continue reading

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Running A Legal Social Media Contest

Contests on social media networks are pretty ubiquitous these days — and with good reason. Contests are a great way to build a social audience, expand your existing network of followers, namedrop your brand, and even direct people to your website. Despite that, the rules for running social media contests aren’t as easy or straightforward as you might think. There are tons of businesses out there that run social contests without ever reading the Terms of Service that they agreed to follow beforehand, which can result in unintentional violations… and even getting banned from the social network in question.

You don’t want to be one of those people! Luckily, running a profitable, legitimate contest on social media isn’t too hard, so long as you make sure you’re well-versed in the rules of your chosen network before you start building. To make this a little easier, we’ve complied a list of the current contest rules for the most popular social networks: Continue reading

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Workshop Invitation about Twitter; Radar Hill 2012 Open House; Hiring; Great Websites Launched

In This Issue: Workshop Invitation: Introduction to Twitter, for Beginners; Radar Hill Open House Nov. 22; We are Hiring; Great Websites Launched for Great Clients. Newsletter Volume #3, Issue #5: November 12, 2012.

Continue reading

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Workshop Invitation: Introduction to Twitter, for Beginners. Nov. 15 in Duncan, & Nov. 16 in Victoria

Invitation to workshop: Introduction to Twitter, for Beginners. Continue reading

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Twitter for Developers And Everyone Else

All social media is meant to be is an engagement between yourself and an audience. Picture yourself at a cocktail party with a room full of fantastic people. Some you know. Some you’ve never met. Obviously, your objective is to participate in a conversation with as many of those people as possible. The term is “engagement”. Continue reading

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Improving your Internet Marketing

This is from our February 24 workshops on Internet Marketing, for the busy business owner who wants to know effective strategies for increasing traffic and conversion rates for their websites. Continue reading

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Invitation to our Friday January 13 Talk: Introduction to Twitter, for Beginners

Invitation to our Friday January 13 Talk: Introduction to Twitter, for Beginners. Continue reading

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I’m being Impersonated on Twitter

A friend of Radar Hill, and a highly recommended, effective social media consultant, Jose Albis (@josealbis) of Albis Consulting Group, tweeted to us that we were being impersonated. Continue reading

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Upcoming Talk Sept.16 at Radar Hill with guest speaker Terri Davies: Embracing Online Marketing

 Since January 2010, over 100 small business owners have completed the Embracing Online Marketing series with Terri Davies in Victoria, BC. Terri keeps up with the rapidly evolving online marketing landscape to deliver the latest information in each of her seminars, while at the same time ensuring that the material is relevant to small business, easy to understand, and delivered in a fun and motivating atmosphere.

Join us in the Radar Hill boardroom for a chance to hear Terri speak about the opportunities available to you when you bring your business into the world of social media and blogging. You’ll find out how other small business owners are succeeding with online marketing, and learn about the upcoming Embracing Online Marketing courses.
Date: Friday September 16th
Time: 11:00 am
There is no charge for this talk. An RSVP is required as seating is limited. If the session is full we will add your name to the waitlist.

If you are interested in attending Terri’s Embracing Online Marketing courses later in September and October, here is the Registration form and be sure to use the special promo code RADAR to receive a discount of 15%. You can book the seminars individually, or choose several to attend.

Learn more about the Embracing Online Marketing courses, including dates, location, and pricing, on the Sociability.ca website.

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Social Media Camp Weekend

I like keeping myself and the staff up-to-date with technology and services. To keep ourselves informed of the most current fads, Shawn, Kendra, Dan and I recently jaunted over to the Social Media Camp Conference. Hosted at the Victoria Conference Center, it was the largest social media event to date in Western Canada and brought together many experts in various fields of media. We all attended numerous sessions, here I’ll mention just a hand-full.

I attended the welcoming address given by Dana Hutchings, Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge. I went to an informative workshop called ‘Advanced Twitter Strategies,’ with Terri Davies and Juhli Selby. They talked about strategies to better utilize Twitter and really get yourself known

In ‘Real People Build Communities’ Angela Crocker discussed how the core of a community is the people who make it vibrant, interesting and dynamic. She gave specific strategies on how to build a community and turn strangers into good friends.

I went to ‘Blogging for Business’ with Rebecca Bollwitt, which was about how to use a blog as a marketing tool for a business, and the type of content you would want to include in it. I also went to ‘Social Buying’ with Jason Scriven and Annalea Krebs. They shared the best practices for group buying promotions, which was interesting but not that helpful for us at Radar Hill.

I went with Shawn to ‘The Virtual Marketing Platform for Small Business’ with Robin Heppell. It was an excellent talk on how he used social media to help his family business. His approach to Social Media and other technologies is that they are current tools that businesses can use for deploying established principles and strategies such as relationship marketing.

I also attended the keynote addresses by Amber Naslund and Jay Baer, co-authors of The Now Revolution. The talk by Baer was awesome. He talked about the new era of instantaneous business. He explained how you must adapt you and your business to a market vastly different from what it was even a decade ago. I took so much information away from all these experts that I’m still distilling it all. Even so, I’ve already employed some of their wisdom with profitable results.

Shawn attended the Saturday sessions of the conference, which included the keynote address by Amber Naslund. She spoke about her book ‘The Now Revolution.’ For those who weren’t there, some attendees live-tweeted the talk.

Shawn found ‘Social Media for Non-Profits’ with Janis La Couvée to be helpful for some of our clients and some of the groups we support. He thought several things were notable to mention about the talk, such as that non-profits should have a media package (press releases etc.) and cultivate relationships with media. La Couvée also said that people get disappointed when traditional media does not show up for their events, but there often just isn’t the staff (reporters, photographers) to cover the events like there used to be.

Shawn listened to ‘Think your boring old business can’t be social? Think again!’ with Tim McAlpine. He found it to be an interesting and fun talk, but useless for us and most of our clients since it was about a very different type of clientele from the one we work for.

He went to a panel with Dr. Janni Aragon, Michael Geoghegan and Mat Wright called ‘Politics and Social Media.’ The three speakers talked and took questions from the floor about how politics affects social media. Shawn had his own interesting experience with social media during the talk as he tweeted and messaged other attendees he knew. It made him realize that, in any such venue, there is the public conversation, what the speaker is saying, and there can also be an underlying conversation going on with attendees and non-attendees. It will be one of the big uses of Twitter, and how journalists and strategists can get the perception of a political speech in real time.

Shawn’s favourite session was ‘YouTube 101’ with Rebecca Coleman. Shawn found it to be the most enjoyable and most useful sessions with the best presenter. Rebecca Coleman was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and full of energy. She spoke about the enormous impact of video and how businesses can put it to use as a marketing tool. Coleman gave examples of the kinds of videos businesses could make, as well as demonstrated how to use and utilize YouTube for marketing purposes.

We all took away a lot of useful information from the Social Media Camp that we’re eager to put to use for our business and clients.

Shawn getting a Flash Your Gadgets snapshot at the 2011 Social Media Camp

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