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May 2nd: Google Partners Local Marketing Event

Online advertising can help any business grow. You are invited to join us for an event, co-hosted with Google, about how digital marketing can help you thrive on the Web.

Come to Our Google Partners Connect all about


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Achieve Your Personal and Business Resolutions in 2018

It’s that time of year again, when people are declaring their resolutions for the year ahead. You know that the vast majority of them will not stick with it, and invariably it will be to lose weight/eat better/exercise more. There is genuine motivation and intention, but the implementation is lacklustre, and most will give up within the next few weeks – otherwise gyms would always be full. These personal goals fail often, in part due to lack of accountability, and there is nothing stronger holding people to it other than “wouldn’t it be nice if….”

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New VREB Plugin

Over the last few months the team at Radar Hill have been working on a new plugin for the Victoria Real Estate Board. They began by evaluating what already existed, which was a plugin that Radar Hill created in 2013. It was great when it was built, however technology changes at such a pace that it became necessary not just to update the plugin, but to create a whole new one.

To build the new plugin, Roger, Ken, and Mike proceeded to create a mock-up of the end goal, which allowed them to easily rearrange items and preview the functionality of it before completely building it.

It is not just the look on the outside that changes, but all the behind-the-scenes coding that requires development. The technical details will not be elaborated on in this post, but if you would like more information, feel free to ask Roger. Suffice to say, this new plugin is awesome!

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October Invitation: CRM Workshop

How do you keep track of your business contacts, prospects, and suppliers? If you are still using your Outlook email address book, a spreadsheet, or even a Rolodex, then this information session is for you!

Have you ever been impressed by Radar Hill’s memory? An email we send will say something like “remember when we spoke last April about adding a map to your site?” or “How did it go with the painter we referred you to back in June?” While it is true that we get to know our clients well, so that if you were to ask Shawn, Roger, or Dan about a specific person they would be able to tell you their business, spouse, and even their hobby, it can also be overwhelming to remember all this about the several hundreds of people we interact with. To help their memories and efficiently keep track of people, we use a Customer Relations Management software (CRM), and Shawn is giving a talk about how invaluable using one can be.

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Then and Now Part 2: Schema

Radar Hill has been in business for 16 years, and the magnitude of change in the 21st century when it comes to websites is staggering. What was a shiny new website just 5 years ago can now be outdated and leave your business with a huge potential gap in visitors and clients. There are various measurable ways that the World Wide Web has changed in 16 years, and so we are publishing a “Then and Now” blog series to demonstrably show what a website in 2017 requires to remain current. In this edition, we bring you: Schema.


Not too long ago if you had a business then it was probably listed in the yellow pages, be it a small square or full page full-colour ad. And if you had the budget, you could advertise in newspapers/radio/tv/billboards. It was about name recognition, and reviews for the product or service you offered came from word of mouth. There was no global searchable database for anything that you wanted or could think of.

With the emergence of the Internet, businesses can control their brand via their online presence, and instead of referrals or finding the nicest ad in the phone book, people look directly for the service or product they desire on Google and other search engines. Google has dramatically evolved its search engine ranking position algorithm since its inception in 1998. In the beginning, it used to be simply about putting important keywords higher on the HTML tag hierarchy, but that was rife for deceit. Over the years Google has changed its algorithm significantly as several major updates have taken place, which means websites needing to adapt in order to be ranked highly. Schema is among those additions to help give a user a smoother experience.

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