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Transcense: Empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Young woman with hearing aidFor a deaf person, a group conversation is a difficult situation. For most people, it’s a great opportunity, with ideas flowing and all kinds of social cues going out. For a deaf person, it’s usually an exhausting confusion as they try to hold the thread of a conversation that’s changing every instant.

Over the years I’ve heard of and investigated lots of options for solving this problem. The usual ones are:

  • Get an interpreter (I don’t know sign language though)
  • Hire a live captioner (120 bucks an hour makes for a pretty expensive Friday night at your buddy’s house)
  • Get a friend to help you (not a single person on earth who has a long enough attention span)
  • Only hang out in small groups (makes for a dull social life)
  • Say “what?” a lot (at least my friends find it entertaining, even if I don’t)

When I heard about Transcense’s IndieGoGo fundraiser and beta program, I contacted them right away. They’re making a phone app that captions speech in real-time, separating different speakers with different coloured speech balloons. Continue reading

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Invitation to our Friday November 18 Talk: Mobile-Friendly Websites

Invitation to our Friday November 18 talk: Mobile-Friendly Websites

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QR Codes Workshop – What Are QR Codes? What Do They Do?

QR codes, short for Quick Response, are a type of two-dimensional barcode, readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. Continue reading

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