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What is SSL and Why Do You Need It?

Internet safety is increasingly a concern, and there are continuously new ways that scammers and hackers can gain access to your information. However this is not a doom and gloom post, rather we will explain how you can help protect yourself and your customers by discussing what SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – is, and why you should have it installed on your website.

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What Is SSL, And Why Should My Site Have It?

Security button on the keyboard. Toned Image.As a site owner or even just as an Internet user, you may have heard whispers about SSL lately. A tech-savvy friend might have stressed the importance of using “secure sites”, or you may have seen an article announcing Google’s new favouritism for SSL. Maybe you read about the Heartbleed incident a few years back.

You may have brushed those mentions off. After all, what does some vague technical acronym have anything to do with you?

But the truth is this: SSL keeps your business safe.

How? It is an Internet security protocol that is used to encrypt information as it travels between the website server and your customers’ computers. This prevents mischief-makers from intercepting, reading, or changing that information as it travels.

SSL (which stands for Secure Sockets Layer; you can read more about it here) isn’t a new thing — it’s an established and reliable technology that’s been around for decades. It gets adopted more widely every year as the Internet gets bigger and more threats — from minor Internet vandals to malicious hackers —arrive to take a slice.

The sooner it’s on your website, the sooner your customers — and you— can reap the benefits.

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