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Mobile is Dead – Responsive Web Design Has Arrived

Vector image of a smartphone, tablet, and wide screen laptopNot that long ago you had to have a mobile version of your website.  Chuck it.  Yes, it’s outdated.  Most responsible web development companies are deploying responsive designs.

A responsive web design is one that adapts to each form of media. In non-geek chat that means your website is easily readable and accessible regardless of what kind of computer you’re viewing it on:  desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Think of the layout of your website being fluid.  The entire architecture will be adaptable to any kind of screen size. Continue reading

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New Mobile Website: Brett Jones

BrettJones.ca Mobile

BrettJones.ca Mobile

Brett Jones, a Victoria BC REALTOR® with Newport Realty re-designed his website last year, but wanted to reach another segment of the internet population: mobile users. Visitors to Brett’s website that access his website using a mobile device (such as an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone) will now see a mobile-friendly version of his website. Continue reading

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Soliciting on My Cellphone

You get them.  I know you do.  Calls on your cellphone from scam artists.  Or, repeat calls about fantastic banking rates, travel offerings or prizes.  Sheesh!

I got fed-up and created the contact ‘Ignore’ on my phone and assigned it the duck ring tone.  I know now not to even look at my phone if ‘the duck quacks’.  All of those solicitors phone numbers are associated to the contact ‘Ignore’.  (Not really sure why I picked the duck ring tone. I have nothing against ducks.)

Anyone else have a scheme for ignoring these calls?

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Recycling old cellphones

Here is a great article from PC World entitled “Canadian recycling options for your old cell phone and computer.”

Continue reading

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Spam and PDAs

Had an issue the other day concerning email, spam and PDAs. Our solution may give you some insight. Continue reading

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