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Email Scams – Tips On How To Avoid Falling For Them

When it comes to email scams, even the broadest and most basic of these attacks now have an underlying level of sophistication. The most common form they take will be one that imitates either an official bank account or Paypal email.

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August 1: Password Security Workshop

Skull and data

Almost every week, there is a news story about a site being hacked or a data breach. Maybe you have experienced this directly. Remember when the login credentials of 117 million LinkedIn users were sold on the black market?

But how can you protect yourself? How can you protect your accounts?

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Password security – Why good passwords are important

Picture this: You get a phone message, then another, then another, from your friends asking why you are sending them spam. Your email account has been hacked!

You log into Facebook to warn everyone, and notice your last couple of posts from you… weren’t – from – you. Your Facebook account has been hacked!

Stressed, you go for some shopping therapy: Your bank card doesn’t work. Your bank account has been hacked!

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