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Then and Now Part 2: Schema

Radar Hill has been in business for 16 years, and the magnitude of change in the 21st century when it comes to websites is staggering. What was a shiny new website just 5 years ago can now be outdated and leave your business with a huge potential gap in visitors and clients. There are various measurable ways that the World Wide Web has changed in 16 years, and so we are publishing a “Then and Now” blog series to demonstrably show what a website in 2017 requires to remain current. In this edition, we bring you: Schema.


Not too long ago if you had a business then it was probably listed in the yellow pages, be it a small square or full page full-colour ad. And if you had the budget, you could advertise in newspapers/radio/tv/billboards. It was about name recognition, and reviews for the product or service you offered came from word of mouth. There was no global searchable database for anything that you wanted or could think of.

With the emergence of the Internet, businesses can control their brand via their online presence, and instead of referrals or finding the nicest ad in the phone book, people look directly for the service or product they desire on Google and other search engines. Google has dramatically evolved its search engine ranking position algorithm since its inception in 1998. In the beginning, it used to be simply about putting important keywords higher on the HTML tag hierarchy, but that was rife for deceit. Over the years Google has changed its algorithm significantly as several major updates have taken place, which means websites needing to adapt in order to be ranked highly. Schema is among those additions to help give a user a smoother experience.

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