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Make Your Life Easier with Office 365 Email

Email has changed drastically in the last few decades. It is no longer being used to send plain text onto a single device that is checked a couple times a day, and support was relatively simple, as there wasn’t much involved in the whole process. Today however, emails have gotten a lot flashier, bigger, and much more frequent. This means that it takes a lot more to develop and sustain these programs. Continue reading

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January Tips, Tricks & Shiny Stuff

What Will 2015 Bring?

Man looking at a blank iPhone he's holding with a Mac laptop, notebook and pen in front of him on a tableBoom? Bust? More fluctuating oil prices? Stabilization at $70/barrel? A Canadian general election? What about for web design? Radar Hill Graphic Designer Julie Melano has written Web Design Trends to Watch For in 2015, and includes sites optimized for smart televisions, video and animation. | Read more…

Megan Newhouse, Radar Hill’s Director of Graphic Design (also known as theDirector of Awesomeness) wrote this article just before going on maternity leave. Read her great advice in Meeting with your Website Designer: How to Prepare…

You can trust our team of web design experts. But do not do this: How a Web Design Goes Straight To Hell… (courtesy of The Oatmeal)


Do Better in Google: Considering increasing your Google AdWords advertising? We can show you the traffic and advertising trends for your industry. For example, if you are selling products for pets, we can provide statistics on advertising trends for pet accessories in Canada. Contact us to find out more… Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook Update Changes Mail Settings

Having trouble sending email out? A recent software update to the Microsoft Outlook mail client has resulted in a rash of issues with outgoing mail for certain kinds of email addresses. The update takes a specific account setting, the outgoing server port, and resets it to a default value of 25, even if you set your port to a different number in the past. Outlook then starts giving you error messages when you attempt to send outgoing email.

A number of our clients have already been affected by this change, but luckily it’s easy to fix. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer and are having trouble sending email out, but have no trouble with new emails coming in, try the following:

Continue reading

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Hotmail’s not looking so cool

The old Hotmail logo, with blue arrows wrapping around a mail envelope, and the rainbow MSN butterfly.We’ve received a number of complaints lately from clients who can’t seem to send emails to customers who have a Hotmail email address. Continue reading

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