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Understanding your brand is key to success in business. Not sure what a “brand” is?

Business begins with an idea. Once you decide to move forward with this idea your business begins to grow. Some parts of the idea will work … some won’t. During the process your business begins to develop a character. This character engages your business with your customers. Continue reading

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What you need to know to attract visitors to your web and turn them into customers.

Each business is at least, in part, a mirror of its owner’s vision. Your business will naturally reflect the area in which you SHINE!

Before you can begin to build or revamp a website, you need to spend time understanding what you offer that is different from your competition. Do you offer the best price? Guarantees that cover more or are longer term? Outstanding customer service? Quick turn around? Longer hours? Continue reading

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The Meaning of Existence – Why YOU Should Have the Answer

As a web developer I encounter so many people who take their business online without a solid idea as to why. Because I want my clients to succeed, I try to discover what it is they want to accomplish with their web. The most common answer I hear is, “because everyone else is” or “because it’s the thing to do”. Continue reading

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6 Steps to Website Success

You’ve read about how you can have a website in one evening … painless … cheap … no skills required … and I know you’d like to believe it. In fact there is a little truth in these claims – building a website quickly with no skills and little effort is a very remote possibility, a SUCCESSFUL website – not even on the map. The truth is there really are no shortcuts. Continue reading

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Introduction to JoeyToes Blog

The creation of websites and the marketing strategies and branding efforts of a business are so interwoven that it makes no sense to talk about one without the others.

Small business is the backbone of the Canadian ecomony and I can help move your business forward. Continue reading

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