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A Website By Many Other Names

You’ve probably heard the cliché “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. But businesses and branding can get a little more complicated than that. Not all names are created equal, and when it comes to websites… yikes. Where do we start?

The answer is the domain. In this post we’ll be going over the different parts of a domain name:

  1. The anatomy and what they can mean for your website,
  2. How to choose the right one
  3. Why it’s sometimes a good idea to have multiple domain names. Continue reading
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February 23: An Introduction To Google AdWords

Radar Hill is a Google Partner

Do you want to be #1 on Google?

Or know someone who does?

What if you were told that there’s technically no such thing?

Despite what some SEO “experts” might tell you, the top of the first page on Google is a nebulous, shifting target, and while natural techniques to improve your ranking might work, sometimes you just don’t have the time.

But there is a way to achieve immediate visibility for your business on Google, putting your company in front of potential customers when they’re ready to buy what you have to offer:

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Services for Business or Home

Do you realize that small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are the lifeblood of our economy?

iStock_000016273782SmallAccording to the Small Business Profile 2013: A Profile of Small Business in British Columbia (.pdf) there are about 385,900 small businesses in British Columbia, which account for 98% of all businesses, employing over a million British Columbians. This means 1/3 of all pay cheques are earned through small business. Our region, Vancouver Island and the Coast, has 69,500 small businesses ranging from single operators to 50 employees.

Every time a small business expands, every time a small business hires, every time a small business succeeds in a new market, we all win, and we all help to stabilize our communities. This is why shop local programs are so important. Continue reading

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eNewsletters Done Right

iStock_000017597047XSmallAn eNewsletter, an email sent directly to your clients, means new business. If your current eNewsletter is failing to bring in new business it’s time to change.

The Basics

  1. Use and include your social network (Facebook and Twitter, etc.). Share your message through every social media network you participate in;
  2. Only send when you’ve got something of value to share. The ‘value’ must be recognized by your subscription list otherwise they will simply tune you out;
  3. Keep your subscription list clean. Edit out un-subscribe requests and even those dead end emails (why should these people benefit from your expertise and witty commentary);
  4. Responsive formatting is critical. The statistics are overwhelming – your audience is on the move!
  5. Personalize. Whenever possible, include your clients within the content. Address them personally or ask them to provide you content for your eNewsletter. This technique will take you to a new level of association with your clients!

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Understanding your brand is key to success in business. Not sure what a “brand” is?

Business begins with an idea. Once you decide to move forward with this idea your business begins to grow. Some parts of the idea will work … some won’t. During the process your business begins to develop a character. This character engages your business with your customers. Continue reading

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Improving your Internet Marketing

This is from our February 24 workshops on Internet Marketing, for the busy business owner who wants to know effective strategies for increasing traffic and conversion rates for their websites. Continue reading

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