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October Invitation: CRM Workshop

How do you keep track of your business contacts, prospects, and suppliers? If you are still using your Outlook email address book, a spreadsheet, or even a Rolodex, then this information session is for you!

Have you ever been impressed by Radar Hill’s memory? An email we send will say something like “remember when we spoke last April about adding a map to your site?” or “How did it go with the painter we referred you to back in June?” While it is true that we get to know our clients well, so that if you were to ask Shawn, Roger, or Dan about a specific person they would be able to tell you their business, spouse, and even their hobby, it can also be overwhelming to remember all this about the several hundreds of people we interact with. To help their memories and efficiently keep track of people, we use a Customer Relations Management software (CRM), and Shawn is giving a talk about how invaluable using one can be.

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