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Health & Education – Featured Businesses

Nothing is more important than making sure your body and mind are in the best shape they can be. This could mean staying healthy and active, taking a course to learn some new skills and further your education, or getting an overdue checkup. All of our featured businesses in this newsletter can help you achieve just that. 

If you use any of the services below, let us know! And if you want to be featured in a future newsletter, just get in touch.

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Featured Businesses – Home Renovation

Nothing is more central to your life than your home, it’s the hub of everything. Which is why taking care of it is so important. All of the businesses featured in our newsletter offer something unique, whether it’s maintenance or design, interior or exterior, you can find something in this newsletter that will make your home a better place to live.

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Christmas Newsletter – Featured Businesses

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can be stressful trying to feed and gift everyone adequately. Luckily there are numerous businesses on Vancouver Island that can assist with helping you create the perfect Christmas, so everyone can enjoy it.

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Business 2 Business Newsletter

Businesses depend on other businesses to thrive. Be it a website, printing supplies, packaging supplies, catering, or bookkeeping, a business cannot operate completely independently from other businesses. We at Radar Hill have created and maintain hundreds of websites, and this newsletter will focus on our clients whose clientele is other businesses. Essentially, this newsletter is from a business featuring businesses who focus on businesses.

If you use any of the services below, let us know!

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