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Tourism Newsletter – Featured Businesses

Transformative. Relaxing. Memorable. That’s what you want in a good holiday, and we are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where wonderful experiences can be had every day. Whether it’s on the water, good restaurants, or comfortable accommodation, Vancouver Island has got you covered.

In this newsletter we highlight our clients that are in the memory-making business, so whether it’s just an evening or a weekend getaway, you can enjoy everything that this splendid Island has to offer.

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What’s Up On The Hill: 2017 Recap

Wondering what we’ve been up to this year? Staff adventures and cat pictures are detailed below, in this edition of

What’s Up on the Hill 2017

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May: What’s Up on the Hill

Wondering about what we’ve been up to? Here is your chance to catch up on all the latest staff adventures, event updates, and great website launches.

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No Gifts Bought for Christmas

Christmas gift in goldThis year no gifts will be bought for the Whitson children. They have been good kids but they have reached the point in the consumer evolution that “you guys don’t know what we want.*” “You guys” meaning Tracy and I. This year they want money. Money so they can go buy what they want with no strings attached! Continue reading

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Newsletter: November 2014

The season is cooling down, our annual open house is a couple of days away, and it is time for another update from the team at Radar Hill. In this issue:

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Newsletter: September 2014

The days are getting shorter, the rains are lightly returning to the island, and summer is wrapping up. Here at Radar Hill we are excited to be planning our autumn events, and hiring a maternity replacement for our Director of Awesomeness. In this Issue:

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Blood Donation Preparation Tips

Stylized drop of blood with red rays of light and the text BloodSignal.ca means GIVENOTICE: We’ve just received word that Canada’s blood inventory has hit a “critically low level”, and could result in hospitals across the country being unable to meet demand. Canadian Blood Services is extending clinic hours to try and reverse the situation, and is asking for O and A blood type people in particular to come in and donate.

Here at Radar Hill we’ve recently joined up with Canadian Blood Service’s Partners For Life program. It’s a pretty neat program where you pledge a minimum number of blood donations for your company to make each year. Employers, employees, friends and family members can all be part of your PFL group, so long as they don’t already belong to an existing group at another company or organization.

Due to our small office size (10 staff), we’re pledged to donate 15 times in a year. Some of our team members are donating for the first time this year, while others are old veterans at the clinic. It’s great to see so many people taking part.

Here are a few simple tips that will make your next blood donation appointment a snap:

  • Make an appointment to donate, either online or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE;
  • Drink water and juice, not coffee, before your appointment.  This will speed up your ‘blood letting’ and keep you hydrated;
  • Eat high iron foods (kale or any other green vegetable, and red meat or fish) in the days leading up to your donation;
  • Have a snack before heading to the clinic;
  • Wear a dark-coloured shirt that has sleeves that roll up easily;
  • Take all the cookies and juice you want after donating;
  • Get special donor cards and pins as you hit new donation goals.

Thank you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to save lives.  By donating blood you are saving lives.

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Radar Hill Fun Day 2014

On Friday July 25th we had our annual fun day for staff appreciation.  On alternating years we have made it a tradition to spend a day at Shawnigan Lake at Cadillac Ski School.  Proprietor Ken Worth has a small summer cottage that he rents out along with his services as a water ski and wake board instructor.

This year was another banner year up at the lake with an excellent time had by all.  In addition to water ski, wake board and tubing we also rented paddle boards which were a big hit.  I believe nearly everyone tried their hand at it.  Andrea, Shawn and I figured out the food and I cooked up burgers and hot dogs for everyone.

As far as awards go, we have a tie for who “won” fun day.  Ken arrived first, ate a hot dog AND a hamburger, went skiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, hot tubbing, swimming and befriended a stray dog.  On the other side, Jen was the last to leave, partook in every event and kept Dave in line the whole time.  Honourable mention goes to Megan’s 4 year old son Kieran who was perhaps the best behaved person of the entire bunch – even when his ears ran out of quarters.

As befits a staff appreciation day, Shawn, Roger and myself wish to thank all of our employees for their excellent work and their helpful attitude.

Click here to check out the photos of all the fun we had!

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Baby Erik Update

10 days on, Dan’s son is still in the hospital gathering his strength to come home.  Progress has been steady:  Pressurized air and additional oxygen was discontinued on day 4, IV was removed on day 7.  The only setback has been jaundice on day 6 which was easily treated with 24 hours on a UV blanket.  On day 8 he was moved to Level 1 care where he continues to be monitored and his nutrients supplimented with a feeding tube.


When he takes 100% of his nutrition orally by breast or bottle for a period of 24 hours he will be “cleared” to come home.  He’s at about 30% right now.

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Radar Hill welcomes a new baby!

Dan and his wife Vanessa are proud to announce the arrival of their son Erik Theodore.  He was born at 10:42 on Friday June 27th, 2014.  He was 6 lbs 12oz.  While his size and overall health were fairly good, his lungs were not up to the task and he was admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) shortly after birth.  Pressurized air and additional oxygen were applied to keep his blood oxygen levels at normal.  Intravenous fluids and a feeding tube were inserted to get nutrients into him.  X-Rays showed a bi-lateral pheumo thorax – partially collapsed lungs.

Erik Lundgren in the ICU
It was a little scary for a while, and difficult to spread the word of the happy occasion while he remained in a plastic box with tubes sticking out of him.  Thanks to all for the best wishes, we look forward to taking our little boy home as soon as possible.

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Baby Violet is born.

As many of you know, my wife and I have been expecting our first child.  In spite of the worries that medical opinions induced along the way, the entire pregnancy went exceedingly well.  While we would have preferred a natural birth, a c-section was decided upon as a prudent method of getting our baby into the world without complications.  Here she is! Continue reading

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Andrea is Awesome

Andrea ChanAndrea Chan, our office manager, has been with Radar Hill Technology for almost nine years, and will soon be leaving us for maternity leave. What do we think of Andrea? Continue reading

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