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Invitation: Password Security and Staying Safe Workshop

On Friday the 13th, join us for a talk and workshop on password security.

Almost every week, there is a news story about a site being hacked, or a data breach. Maybe you have experienced this directly? Last summer the login credentials of 117 million LinkedIn users were sold on the black market. Continue reading

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Email: Are you a Power User?

Email is a significant part of your business. Email has evolved from the free service of yester-year into a critical communication medium. Continue reading

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Autumn Tips, Tricks & Shiny Stuff

leavesThe Halloween festivities are over, ghosts, goblins and ghoulish ghouls are creeping and crawling back into their crates, and it is time for this season’s collection of useful tips, reviews, and links of interest.
Continue reading

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Domain Suspension Notice Scams

Stock photo of a worried man on the phone, with credit card in hand and laptop in front of himScammers are getting more creative and sneaky everyday. They are always trying to find ways to trick you into clicking links and for the most part spam is obvious, but sometimes they make their emails look like other legitimate businesses such as eBay or PayPal. When you have your own website, the ones you really need to watch out for are domain scams. Continue reading

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Give and Take

Girl with giftWe are well into what some consider the real New Years – September, when so many activities and plans start fresh or get refreshed. We might give our time with a new push in our business, or a new volunteer activity. We may take a late vacation or a class to improve our knowledge. For this newsletter, here is our Give and Take.


Radar Hill is Cleaning House

Literally, we are going through our storage room and have unearthed many items that may be useful to someone else. These items are free to any Radar Hill clients, and we hope they can be of use: Continue reading

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eNewsletters Done Right

iStock_000017597047XSmallAn eNewsletter, an email sent directly to your clients, means new business. If your current eNewsletter is failing to bring in new business it’s time to change.

The Basics

  1. Use and include your social network (Facebook and Twitter, etc.). Share your message through every social media network you participate in;
  2. Only send when you’ve got something of value to share. The ‘value’ must be recognized by your subscription list otherwise they will simply tune you out;
  3. Keep your subscription list clean. Edit out un-subscribe requests and even those dead end emails (why should these people benefit from your expertise and witty commentary);
  4. Responsive formatting is critical. The statistics are overwhelming – your audience is on the move!
  5. Personalize. Whenever possible, include your clients within the content. Address them personally or ask them to provide you content for your eNewsletter. This technique will take you to a new level of association with your clients!

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Email Just Barely Works

Email is not reliable. The circuitous path that email traverses would make Indiana Jones choose a new line of business. IMG_1276A “good chance” is what email has of arriving at its final destination — here’s why.

Internet vs Email

Once an email has left your computer it takes on the Internet. This assumes that your ISP (Internet Service Provider like Shaw, Telus, etc.) accepts your email for processing after having passed a spam filter, volume throttle, and any other collection of tests they apply to try and squash non-legitimate email (as known as spam). Once the primary email server accepts your email, it quickly hands it off to the next email server. Your email will now pass through one or dozens more email servers — any one of them rejecting it for all kinds of reasons.
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How to tell if a suspicious email is legitimate

Button keypad spam with envelope icon. Internet concept.Recently a friend of ours received an ominous email, purportedly from Gmail, indicating that his email account would be shut down. How could you tell if it was legitimate?

Here is what he was sent: Continue reading

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January Tips, Tricks & Shiny Stuff

What Will 2015 Bring?

Man looking at a blank iPhone he's holding with a Mac laptop, notebook and pen in front of him on a tableBoom? Bust? More fluctuating oil prices? Stabilization at $70/barrel? A Canadian general election? What about for web design? Radar Hill Graphic Designer Julie Melano has written Web Design Trends to Watch For in 2015, and includes sites optimized for smart televisions, video and animation. | Read more…

Megan Newhouse, Radar Hill’s Director of Graphic Design (also known as theDirector of Awesomeness) wrote this article just before going on maternity leave. Read her great advice in Meeting with your Website Designer: How to Prepare…

You can trust our team of web design experts. But do not do this: How a Web Design Goes Straight To Hell… (courtesy of The Oatmeal)


Do Better in Google: Considering increasing your Google AdWords advertising? We can show you the traffic and advertising trends for your industry. For example, if you are selling products for pets, we can provide statistics on advertising trends for pet accessories in Canada. Contact us to find out more… Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook Update Changes Mail Settings

Having trouble sending email out? A recent software update to the Microsoft Outlook mail client has resulted in a rash of issues with outgoing mail for certain kinds of email addresses. The update takes a specific account setting, the outgoing server port, and resets it to a default value of 25, even if you set your port to a different number in the past. Outlook then starts giving you error messages when you attempt to send outgoing email.

A number of our clients have already been affected by this change, but luckily it’s easy to fix. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer and are having trouble sending email out, but have no trouble with new emails coming in, try the following:

Continue reading

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Hotmail’s not looking so cool

The old Hotmail logo, with blue arrows wrapping around a mail envelope, and the rainbow MSN butterfly.We’ve received a number of complaints lately from clients who can’t seem to send emails to customers who have a Hotmail email address. Continue reading

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Moving Your Website – and Email?

Moving your website to a new provider?  If your email is associated with your site – your email is moving too.  The following are some simple steps to take ensuring that your email service is not also interrupted.

  1. Determine if where you are moving offers email service.  Some service providers offer hosting ( displaying your website ) but do not include email service.  If this is your situation jump to number 5. below.
  2. Ask the new service provider to set-up your email accounts ahead of the move.  Give them the addresses you need and associated passwords.
  3. Ask the new service provider for the email configuration you will need to update on your computer(s) and smartphone(s).  This would be the server names such as mail.domainname.com and smtp.domainname.com – or something similar.
  4. Let your clients know that there may be an interruption in your email.  Especially if you have very important correspondence expected.  If the current email flow is critical set-up a Gmail ( or Yahoo!, or your choice ) account and have it as a back-up for yourself and clients to use.
  5. If the service provider you are moving to does not offer email service you can follow any of the following options:
    • Gmail – investigate how you can have your MX record updated and have email served by them.
    • Old provider – your old host ( service provider ) may offer a method of keeping your email with them but have your website be with your new provider.
    • Don’t use an email address associated with your domain.  Only ever use a Gmail ( or Yahoo!, or your choice ) email address.  Not very professional but it works.  ( Please don’t use the email address offered by your ISP [ Shaw, Telus, Rogers, etc. ].  The day may come when you leave their service.  If your email address is – for example – bob@telus.net and you terminate your relationship with Telus – Telus is going to keep their email address.

This information could save you a tremendous amount of grief.  If there’s a better solution out there please share with us.

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