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Looking Back On The Year

Radar Hill programmer Shannon cradling Dan's wheaten terrier, Oliver.In difficult moments such as these (the internet is down), we take time to reflect on the past year of achievements, struggles, and good times.

Here at Radar Hill, it’s been a busy year. As a programmer, I spend most of my time burrowed away in the back room. I’ve got Lady Gaga in my headphones and pages of code spread out on both monitors. When Dan or Shawn bring a client to the office, they parade past me so I can glance up and say “sup?” and they can prove that their code monkeys exist.

And it seems like that happened a lot this year? So that must mean that business is good? Cool!

It was a busy year for me too. I helped out with a lot of cool websites — here are some of my favourites: Continue reading

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