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Gifts, Hobbies, and Art – Christmas Featured Businesses

It’s finally coming up to Christmas once again — which means we can all breathe a deep sigh of relief that 2020 is nearly over and that we can begin preparing for what will certainly be an unusual festive celebration.

This year being able to buy and even send gifts online has never been more important.

Whether you’re planning a stay at home celebration in your household or sending out gifts to family members for them to open over Zoom (it really is a strange year), we have you covered with this newsletter roundup featuring some of our amazing clients! 

If there’s a theme for most of our businesses this year, it’s that being able to offer customers an online buying experience has become absolutely crucial.

We’ve seen a number of our businesses transition to offering a full e-commerce experience, and see tremendous success doing so!

This list truly has everything: from delicious food to standout artistic centrepieces to one of a kind personalized gifts.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Christmas we’re sure you’ll be able to find something in this newsletter!

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Why Your Business Needs An E-Commerce Website

For many businesses and customers, Covid-19 has been hugely disruptive and caused many negative effects. However there is one notable exception: online shopping. 

This isn’t an isolated trend, as e-commerce has been an exponentially growing industry in recent years, and as most businesses were forced to move online, that trend spiked. 

Online shopping isn’t something that will go away. In fact, an e-commerce presence is going to be absolutely vital for all retail businesses going forward. Here are a few reasons why. 

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Adapting Businesses: Survival Stories

As the pandemic has unfolded we have had a front row seat to see our various local businesses adapt and change with the rapidly changing business environment. Many Radar Hill businesses were forced to change the way they do business and in some cases, change their customer base.

Below are a few examples of the many unique situations of our clients.

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How To Maintain Your Online Presence During a Pandemic

It can feel like the business world is grinding to a halt right now. But the reality is that your business should still be reaching out, even if it feels like you have nothing to offer.

Customers may not be lining up to buy from you, but they’re still searching and looking out for future purchases.

That’s why you need to be building your online presence, becoming a vital resource for your customers and maintaining engagement with your audience.  

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Looking Back On The Year

Radar Hill programmer Shannon cradling Dan's wheaten terrier, Oliver.In difficult moments such as these (the internet is down), we take time to reflect on the past year of achievements, struggles, and good times.

Here at Radar Hill, it’s been a busy year. As a programmer, I spend most of my time burrowed away in the back room. I’ve got Lady Gaga in my headphones and pages of code spread out on both monitors. When Dan or Shawn bring a client to the office, they parade past me so I can glance up and say “sup?” and they can prove that their code monkeys exist.

And it seems like that happened a lot this year? So that must mean that business is good? Cool!

It was a busy year for me too. I helped out with a lot of cool websites — here are some of my favourites: Continue reading

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