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Then and Now Part 5: Blogs

Radar Hill has been in business for almost 17 years, and the magnitude of change in the 21st century when it comes to websites is staggering. What was a shiny new website just 5 years ago can now be outdated and leave your business with a huge potential gap in visitors and clients. There are various measurable ways that the World Wide Web has changed in 17 years, and we are publishing a “Then and Now” blog series to illustrate what a website requires to stay current. This edition: Blogs

To be published in a medium that had an audience, you had to be a professional writer, or at least have your writing go through several stages of editing before being seen by the wider world. There were not many avenues where your business could have a consistent image projected of itself, unless you paid a lot in advertising. And even that had to go through many stages, there was no real avenue for direct business-owner-to-consumer content.

Anyone can publish their written work online, and it has the potential to be viewed by hundreds, if not thousands or millions, of people. While some might find this a negative attribute of the Internet, it is in reality a simple way to create and moderate your image. By writing blogs and content, you are more in control of your business, and can project a more personable and knowledgeable image directly to your target market.

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