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My mortal enemy: Gravity

So, as many of you already know, I wiped out snowboarding and broke my collarbone.  This did not hurt as much as you would think.  I liken it to being hit with a baseball bat once, very very hard:  it immediately feels better NOT to be hit with a baseball bat.    The initial x-ray did not look very good, with the clavicle broken in two places, but I’m told that they heal up.  My next x-ray will be next week and I’m hoping that the doctor will tell me that the healing is going well.  If not, I could be in line for an operation.  So, I’ve been uncomfortable and increasingly cranky over the last 5 weeks, pecking at my keyboard like a half-wit crow.

X-Ray of dead squirrel I scraped up

Luckily, it was my left shoulder so I can still flip channels between hockey games and reruns of Friends to pass the time.

Special thanks to Andrea who has given me a ride to and from work for the past 5 weeks, I really appreciate it.

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Dan’s Mountain Bike Accident

I went to Whistler this past weekend. I had fun on the first day, learning how to downhill mountain bike with an instructor.  The second day did not go well. Continue reading

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