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Me and my Hosts List: or, how I beat The Man

A pixellated 'hand' cursor clicking on a blue-bordered box reading "Ads"EDIT: One of our other coders has found this interesting article arguing for ads and why you should view them: Why Web Designers Should Not Use Ad Blockers (Opinion Column)

If there’s one thing all of us are tired of dealing with on the internet, it’s advertisements. Be they animated, blinking, crowded, garishly coloured, slowing up our browser, or just plain annoying, most people would be happier off without them.

Fortunately, there’s one very simple thing you can use to cut down ad presence on your browser. It’s easy to implement, and doesn’t require downloading anything (unless you want to make it even simpler). This magical device is called your hosts list.

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Article: Firefox 3.5 edges ahead in browser race

Firefox logo: a fox with a tail of fire curling around a globeFirefox adoption exceeds that of IE in particular versions.

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Spam and PDAs

Had an issue the other day concerning email, spam and PDAs. Our solution may give you some insight. Continue reading

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