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How To Keep Your Data Safe Online

Have you ever received a Facebook or Amazon ad targeting a seemingly unrelated thing you’d been searching for earlier? It’s an alarming experience, but it’s also a glimpse into just how widespread data tracking, and selling, has become – with companies amassing vast swathes of information and analytics from a single user’s history. 

Fortunately, you have more control over the spread of this than you may realize, as often this level of data collection relies on passive consent, where users agree to something without even realizing it’s happening.

There are in fact, a number of actions you can take to make sure your data is kept private and protected, actions we’re going to cover in this blog.

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Why Your Business Needs A ‘Google My Business’ Listing

Google has estimated that over one-third of business searches have what is called ‘local intent’—for example, this means that someone interested in finding a new property would search for ‘real estate agents in Victoria’ to find services relevant to their area. This is something that most businesses should be looking to tap into.

Even if you don’t think your services are as geographically oriented as that example, if you have a physical store or location where your services are offered, there’s a good chance people are using searches with local intent to find you. After all, no one wants to drive hours to browse or buy products, access services, dine out etc.

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Email Scams – Tips On How To Avoid Falling For Them

When it comes to email scams, even the broadest and most basic of these attacks now have an underlying level of sophistication. The most common form they take will be one that imitates either an official bank account or Paypal email.

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What is SSL and Why Do You Need It?

Internet safety is increasingly a concern, and there are continuously new ways that scammers and hackers can gain access to your information. However this is not a doom and gloom post, rather we will explain how you can help protect yourself and your customers by discussing what SSL – Secure Sockets Layer – is, and why you should have it installed on your website.

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New VREB Plugin

Over the last few months the team at Radar Hill have been working on a new plugin for the Victoria Real Estate Board. They began by evaluating what already existed, which was a plugin that Radar Hill created in 2013. It was great when it was built, however technology changes at such a pace that it became necessary not just to update the plugin, but to create a whole new one.

To build the new plugin, Roger, Ken, and Mike proceeded to create a mock-up of the end goal, which allowed them to easily rearrange items and preview the functionality of it before completely building it.

It is not just the look on the outside that changes, but all the behind-the-scenes coding that requires development. The technical details will not be elaborated on in this post, but if you would like more information, feel free to ask Roger. Suffice to say, this new plugin is awesome!

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Turn Your Website into an App

If you have a responsive website it’s easy to use your website on a smart phone. This eliminates the need for app development for most websites. If you planned on developing an application that would have all the same functionalities as your website, there is no need as you can turn your website into an app icon in just a few easy clicks. Continue reading

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Tune In To Google I/O 2015

Google I/O is Google’s annual technology conference in San Francisco, where developers from all over the world gather for a front seat to new technologies and the chance to play with Google software and tech.

Use the livestream below to watch the Keynote, tune into presentations, and get an early peek at some of the newest Google developments.

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Transcense: Empowering the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Young woman with hearing aidFor a deaf person, a group conversation is a difficult situation. For most people, it’s a great opportunity, with ideas flowing and all kinds of social cues going out. For a deaf person, it’s usually an exhausting confusion as they try to hold the thread of a conversation that’s changing every instant.

Over the years I’ve heard of and investigated lots of options for solving this problem. The usual ones are:

  • Get an interpreter (I don’t know sign language though)
  • Hire a live captioner (120 bucks an hour makes for a pretty expensive Friday night at your buddy’s house)
  • Get a friend to help you (not a single person on earth who has a long enough attention span)
  • Only hang out in small groups (makes for a dull social life)
  • Say “what?” a lot (at least my friends find it entertaining, even if I don’t)

When I heard about Transcense’s IndieGoGo fundraiser and beta program, I contacted them right away. They’re making a phone app that captions speech in real-time, separating different speakers with different coloured speech balloons. Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook Update Changes Mail Settings

Having trouble sending email out? A recent software update to the Microsoft Outlook mail client has resulted in a rash of issues with outgoing mail for certain kinds of email addresses. The update takes a specific account setting, the outgoing server port, and resets it to a default value of 25, even if you set your port to a different number in the past. Outlook then starts giving you error messages when you attempt to send outgoing email.

A number of our clients have already been affected by this change, but luckily it’s easy to fix. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer and are having trouble sending email out, but have no trouble with new emails coming in, try the following:

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Recently, we were approached by an organization that had their website hacked.  A few years ago, this organization hired a small web  developer related to one of the principals to make their website.  To make things easy and cheap, it was done with a WordPress theme and they were given limited administrative access to make their own changes.  Major changes were left to the web developer.  To reduce ongoing costs, a discount hosting company was enlisted to keep the monthly fees low. Continue reading

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Hotmail’s not looking so cool

The old Hotmail logo, with blue arrows wrapping around a mail envelope, and the rainbow MSN butterfly.We’ve received a number of complaints lately from clients who can’t seem to send emails to customers who have a Hotmail email address. Continue reading

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QR Codes Workshop – What Are QR Codes? What Do They Do?

QR codes, short for Quick Response, are a type of two-dimensional barcode, readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones. Continue reading

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