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Tune In To Google I/O 2015

Google I/O is Google’s annual technology conference in San Francisco, where developers from all over the world gather for a front seat to new technologies and the chance to play with Google software and tech.

Use the livestream below to watch the Keynote, tune into presentations, and get an early peek at some of the newest Google developments.

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Soliciting on My Cellphone

You get them.  I know you do.  Calls on your cellphone from scam artists.  Or, repeat calls about fantastic banking rates, travel offerings or prizes.  Sheesh!

I got fed-up and created the contact ‘Ignore’ on my phone and assigned it the duck ring tone.  I know now not to even look at my phone if ‘the duck quacks’.  All of those solicitors phone numbers are associated to the contact ‘Ignore’.  (Not really sure why I picked the duck ring tone. I have nothing against ducks.)

Anyone else have a scheme for ignoring these calls?

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Recycling old cellphones

Here is a great article from PC World entitled “Canadian recycling options for your old cell phone and computer.”

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Spam and PDAs

Had an issue the other day concerning email, spam and PDAs. Our solution may give you some insight. Continue reading

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