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Information and updates about the VREB Real Estate Listing Feeds offered by Radar Hill.

Then and Now Part 4: Open Graph

Radar Hill has been in business for 16 years, and the magnitude of change in the 21st century when it comes to websites is staggering. What was a shiny new website just 5 years ago can now be outdated and leave your business with a huge potential gap in visitors and clients. There are various measurable ways that the World Wide Web has changed in 16 years, and we are publishing a “Then and Now” blog series to illustrate what a website in 2017 requires to stay current. This edition: Open Graph

Before the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and television was the way to mass communicate with people, and not everyone could participate equally. If you had the budget you could advertise your business, but most people just consumed the content, never really actively participating. Maybe if there was a particularly amusing ad or interesting article they would cut it out to show to a couple of their friends, but there was nothing as extensive as today where you can share anything with literally hundreds of people in just a few seconds. With print, it was easy to see how exactly something would be displayed; once it was printed, that was it, as the image or article wouldn’t change.

Social Media is ubiquitous. It is everywhere, no matter how much you might try to avoid it – and most people do not try to avoid it. Even if you personally never post or share anything on a platform, either your business does, or you consume information that comes via social media. The vast majority of people have Facebook in some capacity, and it is not just for baby pictures and complaining about little annoyances. Real business happens on Facebook every day. It has become a vibrant hub for just about anything, which is why if you want to succeed on Facebook, you need to be displaying your content in an aesthetic manner that will not only get noticed, but clicked on, and result in a real purchase.

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New VREB Plugin

Over the last few months the team at Radar Hill have been working on a new plugin for the Victoria Real Estate Board. They began by evaluating what already existed, which was a plugin that Radar Hill created in 2013. It was great when it was built, however technology changes at such a pace that it became necessary not just to update the plugin, but to create a whole new one.

To build the new plugin, Roger, Ken, and Mike proceeded to create a mock-up of the end goal, which allowed them to easily rearrange items and preview the functionality of it before completely building it.

It is not just the look on the outside that changes, but all the behind-the-scenes coding that requires development. The technical details will not be elaborated on in this post, but if you would like more information, feel free to ask Roger. Suffice to say, this new plugin is awesome!

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3D Aerial Video For Real Estate

To use a cliché saying, “location, location, location.” With more and more activity and business happening online it is only expected that the home buying process is hugely digital. People want to know everything about a house before going to view it, and location is a vital aspect of choosing a home. It’s all very well to say that a property is “overlooking spectacular ocean views” or “nestled at the end of a quiet street,” it is another to be able to show that via aerial video. But luckily that’s exactly what you can do now, courtesy of Google Earth and CorkScrew Visuals Inc.

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3D Aerial Video For Real Estate – Grab Homebuyers’ Attention

Radar Hill and CorkScrew Visuals Inc. have partnered to provide Victoria REALTORS® with a new service. Get 3D aerial videos of your real estate listings — without the hassle of hiring a drone!

A dynamic flyover of your listing and the surrounding area will be created using 3D data from Google Earth. The final product is high definition video with your branding and contact information, ready for use in your websites, emails, digital brochures and social media. Continue reading

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New REALTOR® Website Launched: Haden Campbell

Haden might be new to real estate, but he’s enthusiastic and passionate about helping you find your one true home, replacing experience with hard work and attention to detail. His top priority is to locate a house that you can be proud to come home to, where you can feel safe with your family and confident that you’ve paid a fair price. More than that, Haden believes that buying (or selling!) a home should be a fun experience, and he takes steps to make it a stress-free, enjoyable process.

Haden Campbell

Haden Campbell

Haden is a RE/MAX Camosun REALTOR® and Radar Hill has helped him get started in real estate with a fabulous new website! We designed Haden’s new website to represent his professionalism, enthusiasm, class and style. Continue reading

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New REALTOR® Website Launched: David Harvey

David Harvey has received numerous MLS® sales awards, making him one of the Top 30% of REALTORs® in Victoria BC, with experience in every possible type of real estate transaction. When David came to us his only existing web presence was through Newport Realty and Realtor.ca and it was time for him to offer his clients more services.

As lifelong resident of the city, he is knowledgeable about all of the areas and districts of Victoria. He is most active in the sale of single family homes and condominiums in the Greater Victoria Area, but has also managed transactions for everything from luxury estate homes to project marketing. We created David a site to represent his identification as the successful Real Estate Professional he is.

David Harvey - dharvey.ca

David Harvey – dharvey.ca

David’s new website gives him a strong web presence so that clients and potential new clients can easily find him on the web. Our Google Certified Expert, Kendra, works to ensure that all his website content is Google friendly and search engine optimized! Continue reading

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New REALTOR® Website Launched: Kelly Regen

Kelly Regen - Old Website

Kelly’s Old Website

Kelly Regen was born and raised on Salt Spring Island and has worked tenaciously to become one of Salt Spring’s top producing REALTOR®s. Kelly’s old site had become outdated, and was not reaching it’s full potential, but her new one strongly represents her as an accomplished, award-winning REALTOR®. She has consistently won awards from the Victoria Real Estate Board for sales volume, and takes after her mother, Donna Regen, who has been a top producing REALTOR® on Salt Spring for over 25 years. Continue reading

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New VREB Listing Administration for Real Estate

We have been working hard to improve the VREB Listing administration for our Real Estate clients. Our previous system LIMO (Listing Inventory Management Online) has become old and outdated so it was time to make some changes!

Our new listings administration is no longer LIMO, it is now built in with our Pyramid CMS (Content Management System) which means when you login to make edits to your website content you don’t have to go anywhere else to make changes to your listings! We refer to the new listings administration as the VREB Listings Plug-in and it is being used on all new Real Estate websites and we are offering upgrades for all our Real Estate clients that are using LIMO.

The new VREB Listings is great for agents, agencies and groups of agents working together! It allows you to make updates and changes to your listings and your website content all in one convenient place. Though you won’t have to make changes often on your listings if you’re updating them in Matrix as the data is automatically grabbed from Matrix frequently. This is in place so that if you add a new listing to Matrix, it will appear on your website and if you make changes to a listing in Matrix, it will appear on your website. Continue reading

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Website Upgrade: Shannon Jackson and Glenda Warren-Adams



Long-time Radar Hill clients Shannon Jackson and Glenda Warren-Adams wanted a sleeker, more modern redesign of their website, reflecting the new logo and official colours of their agency, DFH Real Estate. They were also eager to integrate their new social networks with their site, and to provide a more comprehensive presentation of the many useful articles and resources they provide to their clients. Their new website is a treasure trove of information for potential buyers and sellers, backed by Radar Hill’s Content Management System that allows them to easily update and add content at will.

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