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Net Neutrality – Help Keep It

You’ve probably heard a lot about Net Neutrality in the last few years, and recently it is back in the news. Canada, and the world, will be affected in many different ways if Net Neutrality in the USA ends. But what does it mean exactly?

What is Net Neutrality?

Basically, Net Neutrality is the principle foundational rule of the Internet that means all web services are treated equally. This means that there cannot be content that is placed in a slow lane, thereby reducing the amount of people accessing it, or blocking the content entirely. Without Net Neutrality, an Internet provider can charge websites and users special fees to avoid slowdowns. In other words, an Internet provider could make accessing a particular website extremely slow if the site’s owner doesn’t pay the fees. The only ones that this benefits are the Internet providers themselves, as they can collect money from Internet users and website owners.

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An Office Away From The Office

This July I was working at Coastal Offices (http://www.coastaloffices.com/) in Colwood. The experience has been great! A wonderful office away from the office. Let me share with you why I think this type of temporary office environment worked for me. Continue reading

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ITBusiness Article: Budget a big letdown for small Canadian firms

Apart from a few sops, this year’s federal budget offers nothing really substantial to Canadian small and mid-sized firms, observers say. Continue reading

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Federal Budget Consultations

There are pre-budget consultations going on across the country, before our elected federal politicians gather in Ottawa for the new budget. I have sent the following to my Member of Parliament, Continue reading

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Spam sapping productivity of Canadian employees

Spam is seriously eroding the productivity of Canadian knowledge workers. It’s also eating into the time and resources of IT departments, experts say. Continue reading

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