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An Office Away From The Office

This July I was working at Coastal Offices (http://www.coastaloffices.com/) in Colwood. The experience has been great! A wonderful office away from the office. Let me share with you why I think this type of temporary office environment worked for me. Continue reading

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Cellulitis – Again!

Pins, needles and fire.

Imagine your leg has fallen asleep and is now waking with pins and needles. Then light it on fire.

Two years ago (2013) I contracted this nasty infection called cellulitis. I remember sitting at my desk trying to convince myself that I had the energy to ride my motorcycle home safely. Turns out I did make it home safely that afternoon two years ago but after the ride home it was three days before I got out of bed. I only got out of bed at Tracy’s (my wife) insistence that I was really sick. Continue reading

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eNewsletters Done Right

iStock_000017597047XSmallAn eNewsletter, an email sent directly to your clients, means new business. If your current eNewsletter is failing to bring in new business it’s time to change.

The Basics

  1. Use and include your social network (Facebook and Twitter, etc.). Share your message through every social media network you participate in;
  2. Only send when you’ve got something of value to share. The ‘value’ must be recognized by your subscription list otherwise they will simply tune you out;
  3. Keep your subscription list clean. Edit out un-subscribe requests and even those dead end emails (why should these people benefit from your expertise and witty commentary);
  4. Responsive formatting is critical. The statistics are overwhelming – your audience is on the move!
  5. Personalize. Whenever possible, include your clients within the content. Address them personally or ask them to provide you content for your eNewsletter. This technique will take you to a new level of association with your clients!

Continue reading

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Email Just Barely Works

Email is not reliable. The circuitous path that email traverses would make Indiana Jones choose a new line of business. IMG_1276A “good chance” is what email has of arriving at its final destination — here’s why.

Internet vs Email

Once an email has left your computer it takes on the Internet. This assumes that your ISP (Internet Service Provider like Shaw, Telus, etc.) accepts your email for processing after having passed a spam filter, volume throttle, and any other collection of tests they apply to try and squash non-legitimate email (as known as spam). Once the primary email server accepts your email, it quickly hands it off to the next email server. Your email will now pass through one or dozens more email servers — any one of them rejecting it for all kinds of reasons.
Continue reading

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Stay-cation 2015

Stay-cationThis summer our family decided on a ‘stay-cation’. Luckily we live in Victoria and there are a zillion things to do. Each of us added to a list of things we wanted to do.

Note to those of you that left our beautiful city or decided not to visit you didn’t miss too much – just everything! Here’s an incomplete list: Continue reading

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Traffic Up at VREB.org

Web traffic is huge!The new Victoria Real Estate Board’s website (www.vreb.org) has seen a significant increase of website traffic. At Radar Hill we would contribute this to the implementation of our industry leading RWD (responsive web design) process.

The Statistics Are Up!

June 2015 saw 21,299 visitors to the site. This is a dramatic increase over the local real estate board’s previous website.  These same visitors:

  • Viewed 198,790 pages;
  • Initiated 96,462 sessions;
  • And stayed on the site for an amazing 8:26 minutes per session!

The increase in site traffic and engaging content has reduced the bounce rate to less than 70%.  Another very impressive and positive change. Continue reading

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Mobile Websites Are Still Dead

ClosedApril 2012 I wrote about a blog post “Mobile is Dead” detailing the death of mobile only websites. These are the websites that replicate the desktop version of a website for display on a phone. This type of website is SO dead now I cannot believe they are still being sold.

Don’t Waste Your Money

A mobile “friendly” website is not what you want to buy. The reasoning is obvious – it’s only meant to display professionally on a phone! Responsive web design (RWD) is where you want to make your investment – a responsive website is capable of SO much more and is the only product professional web developments companies should sell you. Check out the good reasons to invest in RWD: Continue reading

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No Gifts Bought for Christmas

Christmas gift in goldThis year no gifts will be bought for the Whitson children. They have been good kids but they have reached the point in the consumer evolution that “you guys don’t know what we want.*” “You guys” meaning Tracy and I. This year they want money. Money so they can go buy what they want with no strings attached! Continue reading

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Blood Donation Preparation Tips

Stylized drop of blood with red rays of light and the text BloodSignal.ca means GIVENOTICE: We’ve just received word that Canada’s blood inventory has hit a “critically low level”, and could result in hospitals across the country being unable to meet demand. Canadian Blood Services is extending clinic hours to try and reverse the situation, and is asking for O and A blood type people in particular to come in and donate.

Here at Radar Hill we’ve recently joined up with Canadian Blood Service’s Partners For Life program. It’s a pretty neat program where you pledge a minimum number of blood donations for your company to make each year. Employers, employees, friends and family members can all be part of your PFL group, so long as they don’t already belong to an existing group at another company or organization.

Due to our small office size (10 staff), we’re pledged to donate 15 times in a year. Some of our team members are donating for the first time this year, while others are old veterans at the clinic. It’s great to see so many people taking part.

Here are a few simple tips that will make your next blood donation appointment a snap:

  • Make an appointment to donate, either online or by calling 1-888-2-DONATE;
  • Drink water and juice, not coffee, before your appointment.  This will speed up your ‘blood letting’ and keep you hydrated;
  • Eat high iron foods (kale or any other green vegetable, and red meat or fish) in the days leading up to your donation;
  • Have a snack before heading to the clinic;
  • Wear a dark-coloured shirt that has sleeves that roll up easily;
  • Take all the cookies and juice you want after donating;
  • Get special donor cards and pins as you hit new donation goals.

Thank you.  Thank you so much for taking the time to save lives.  By donating blood you are saving lives.

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Victoria’s Finest Passed Me

Last month I joined the “Bike to Work” movement.  I only managed the single ride – lazy me.  I really enjoyed my ride in and plan on biking more often.

Yes, many of Victoria’s finest passed me as if I was standing still.  Some with a gruff ‘on your left’, others a friendly ‘morning’ as they rode and still more with a tinkling of a bell – my favourite. Continue reading

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Twitter for Developers And Everyone Else

All social media is meant to be is an engagement between yourself and an audience. Picture yourself at a cocktail party with a room full of fantastic people. Some you know. Some you’ve never met. Obviously, your objective is to participate in a conversation with as many of those people as possible. The term is “engagement”. Continue reading

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Mobile is Dead – Responsive Web Design Has Arrived

Vector image of a smartphone, tablet, and wide screen laptopNot that long ago you had to have a mobile version of your website.  Chuck it.  Yes, it’s outdated.  Most responsible web development companies are deploying responsive designs.

A responsive web design is one that adapts to each form of media. In non-geek chat that means your website is easily readable and accessible regardless of what kind of computer you’re viewing it on:  desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  Think of the layout of your website being fluid.  The entire architecture will be adaptable to any kind of screen size. Continue reading

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