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Self-taught and Google-trained, Kendra is Radar Hill's content expert certified in both Google AdWords and Analytics. Armed with a wide array of testing and analysis tools, she's always researching the latest SEO trends and works hard to make sure that websites and online marketing campaigns deliver a top-notch customer experience.

A Website By Many Other Names

You’ve probably heard the cliché “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. But businesses and branding can get a little more complicated than that. Not all names are created equal, and when it comes to websites… yikes. Where do we start?

The answer is the domain. In this post we’ll be going over the different parts of a domain name:

  1. The anatomy and what they can mean for your website,
  2. How to choose the right one
  3. Why it’s sometimes a good idea to have multiple domain names. Continue reading
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March 15: Google Partners Connect For Real Estate

Radar Hill is a Google Partner

In today’s digital world, the home buying process continues to evolve, affecting buyers’ path to purchase and ultimately conversion. By understanding the digital real estate landscape, brokers can get ahead by adjusting their advertising strategies to target consumers where they are spending their time.

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February 23: An Introduction To Google AdWords

Radar Hill is a Google Partner

Do you want to be #1 on Google?

Or know someone who does?

What if you were told that there’s technically no such thing?

Despite what some SEO “experts” might tell you, the top of the first page on Google is a nebulous, shifting target, and while natural techniques to improve your ranking might work, sometimes you just don’t have the time.

But there is a way to achieve immediate visibility for your business on Google, putting your company in front of potential customers when they’re ready to buy what you have to offer:

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A Brand New Bemail

Last July we conducted a survey among the users of our Bemail (Broadcast Email) real estate service to identify ways that we could improve it for our customers. We got some great responses and as a result will be rolling out a few changes to the Bemail form and outgoing Bemail format over the next several weeks. Check them out, along with the survey results, below the cut. Continue reading

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Tune In To Google I/O 2015

Google I/O is Google’s annual technology conference in San Francisco, where developers from all over the world gather for a front seat to new technologies and the chance to play with Google software and tech.

Use the livestream below to watch the Keynote, tune into presentations, and get an early peek at some of the newest Google developments.

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Happy Small Business Week!

A crowded small café & restaurantGoogle is helping celebrate Small Business Week with 5 Days, 5 Ways To Succeed Online, with 5 ways to boost your business online during this very week.

While Google’s sweepstakes are limited to entries from the United States, Radar Hill offers services to businesses here on Vancouver Island that assist with every one of those 5 steps. Plus we’re Google certified, so you know you’re getting it done right. Continue reading

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Annual Open House Kicks off the Holiday Season

glasses of champagne with raspberriesOur annual open house kicked off the holiday season with a bang! We saw many great clients and friends of Radar Hill stopping by between 2 and 7 pm for refreshments, food, and great entertainment. We would like to extend a thank you to all those who made our event a huge success!

Hats off to Jennifer, the Office Superstar who organized it all. Jen would like to extend a special thank you all our staff who helped her out; Andrea, Megan, Julie, Ken, Kendra, Mike (who’s doing great for his third day on the job!), Shannon, and the bosses Roger, Dan and Shawn.

For our food, drinks, and entertainment we would like to thank the following Radar Hill clients and friends: Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook Update Changes Mail Settings

Having trouble sending email out? A recent software update to the Microsoft Outlook mail client has resulted in a rash of issues with outgoing mail for certain kinds of email addresses. The update takes a specific account setting, the outgoing server port, and resets it to a default value of 25, even if you set your port to a different number in the past. Outlook then starts giving you error messages when you attempt to send outgoing email.

A number of our clients have already been affected by this change, but luckily it’s easy to fix. If you use Microsoft Outlook on your computer and are having trouble sending email out, but have no trouble with new emails coming in, try the following:

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Top 8 Things Not To Do When Getting A Website

Not Know Why You’re Getting It

  • don’t get website for the sake of getting a website, or because “everyone else is doing it”
  • want to have a goal that can be achieved
  • educate self or ask your designer about what websites can achieve and how your marketing can support it, if you’re doing any
  • be informed on the ways it should be supporting your business so that you can make changes if it’s not performing the way it should, and stick to the things that are working well

Budget For The Lowest Amount Possible

  • website is an investment, just like a sales rep or marketing campaign
  • will give back what you put into it, and skimping can leave you shorthanded on meeting your visitors’ needs
  • can keep track of ROI (return on investment) by knowing your customer value and monitoring leads/conversions/etc. that come through the website

outsource to multiple agencies

design for your boss/yourself

treat like a brochure

not budgeting for maintenance/redesign

not getting links

ignore usability

Things to do/expect when requesting a website:

send pictures separate from text
send text in a .doc, .txt, or plaintext email.
Make sure pictures are at least 100 dpi and 500×500 pixels
have content ready up front

Link to https://www.radarhill.com/blog/2015/01/07/meeting-with-your-website-designer-how-to-prepare/

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What Heartbleed Is & What To Do About It

There’s been a lot of news lately about the Heartbleed website security breach, which has been leaking large amounts of sensitive online information from websites around the world.  There are even comics about it. But what exactly is Heartbleed, and why is it so serious? What can you do to protect yourself from it?

We’re going to do our best to explain it.

What is Heartbleed?

Heartbleed logo: red, stylized heart outline that appears to be dripping

To understand what Heartbleed is, first you need to know about SSL/TLS. SSL and TLS are the two most common kinds of connections that web servers form with your computer to keep information exchanged over the internet secure and private. SSL and TLS are known as cryptographic protocols, which is a fancy way of saying that they each use a list of security reinforcements—such as encryption and authentication—to protect your data. Continue reading

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Shop Local this Victoria Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day rolls around it can be tempting to just grab some chocolates or jewellery from the nearest big name department store. But there are benefits to shopping locally — it strengthens Victoria’s economy while keeping our communities healthy and happy. Here’s a list of some of our favourite ~*~romantic~*~ local offerings.

Pristine Gemstones

photo of a 14k white gold and diamond ring set with a green emerald

Pristine Gemstone’s website is sparkling with images of their beautiful jewelry and gemstones, available through their online store.  Rogerio Graca, gemcutter and wholesaler of 20 years, offers wholesale loose gemstones and finished jewelry to the public.

What would Valentine’s Day be without a little bit of flash and glam? Pristine Gemstones offers a wide selection of gemstones and jewelry, either pre-made or custom sculpted to order. Shop online or give them a call at 250-661-0967 to arrange a viewing.

You might be interested in: Wedding bands, Engagement rings, Cocktail rings, Pendants & necklaces, Earrings

(Pristine’s selection doesn’t carry quite what you’re looking for? Try Fortner custom jewelry or Susan Koch’s beach glass collection.)

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Live Workshop: Google Analytics Basics

Our live workshop on Google Analytics basics is about to start! Continue reading

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