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About Dan Lundgren

Dan is one of the owners and founders of Radar Hill Technology Inc. Getting to know how other businesses run is a source of endless fascination for him in his job as project manager.

Radar Hill Fun Day 2014

On Friday July 25th we had our annual fun day for staff appreciation.  On alternating years we have made it a tradition to spend a day at Shawnigan Lake at Cadillac Ski School.  Proprietor Ken Worth has a small summer cottage that he rents out along with his services as a water ski and wake board instructor.

This year was another banner year up at the lake with an excellent time had by all.  In addition to water ski, wake board and tubing we also rented paddle boards which were a big hit.  I believe nearly everyone tried their hand at it.  Andrea, Shawn and I figured out the food and I cooked up burgers and hot dogs for everyone.

As far as awards go, we have a tie for who “won” fun day.  Ken arrived first, ate a hot dog AND a hamburger, went skiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding, hot tubbing, swimming and befriended a stray dog.  On the other side, Jen was the last to leave, partook in every event and kept Dave in line the whole time.  Honourable mention goes to Megan’s 4 year old son Kieran who was perhaps the best behaved person of the entire bunch – even when his ears ran out of quarters.

As befits a staff appreciation day, Shawn, Roger and myself wish to thank all of our employees for their excellent work and their helpful attitude.

Click here to check out the photos of all the fun we had!

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Baby Erik – Home and Healthy

If you’ve been following along, baby boy Erik had a bit of a rough start with a pheumo thorax and a spell in NICU shortly after birth.  Well, he’s home now and doing great.  Of course, my wife and I could not be happier.


In all, it took 12 days of round the clock care in NICU level 2 and NICU level 1.  It seems like a miracle, but we got to go home with our little boy and without a care in the world.  This experience has given us a deep appreciation of the health care professionals and particularly those on the Mother/Babe floor.  We interacted with dozens of people, all of the highest character:

Angela Schearer – Angela is our midwife and has been with us through two mildly troublesome deliveries.  We can’t say enough about her professionalism, knowledge, experience and her ability to support us through the complications of pregnancy and birth.  Thank you Angela!

Continue reading

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Baby Erik Update

10 days on, Dan’s son is still in the hospital gathering his strength to come home.  Progress has been steady:  Pressurized air and additional oxygen was discontinued on day 4, IV was removed on day 7.  The only setback has been jaundice on day 6 which was easily treated with 24 hours on a UV blanket.  On day 8 he was moved to Level 1 care where he continues to be monitored and his nutrients supplimented with a feeding tube.


When he takes 100% of his nutrition orally by breast or bottle for a period of 24 hours he will be “cleared” to come home.  He’s at about 30% right now.

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Radar Hill welcomes a new baby!

Dan and his wife Vanessa are proud to announce the arrival of their son Erik Theodore.  He was born at 10:42 on Friday June 27th, 2014.  He was 6 lbs 12oz.  While his size and overall health were fairly good, his lungs were not up to the task and he was admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) shortly after birth.  Pressurized air and additional oxygen were applied to keep his blood oxygen levels at normal.  Intravenous fluids and a feeding tube were inserted to get nutrients into him.  X-Rays showed a bi-lateral pheumo thorax – partially collapsed lungs.

Erik Lundgren in the ICU
It was a little scary for a while, and difficult to spread the word of the happy occasion while he remained in a plastic box with tubes sticking out of him.  Thanks to all for the best wishes, we look forward to taking our little boy home as soon as possible.

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Free golf with Dan!

Due to some last minute cancellations, the Capital City Executives Association is looking for a couple of fill-ins for 9 holes of golf on Tuesday June 17th at Cordova Bay Ridge Course.  On the upside, Radar Hill will gladly pay for your round and dinner.  On the downside, you’ll have to play with Dan.

Send an email to dan@radarhill.com with an indication of your desire to play.  First two respondents will be the winners/unfortunate souls to spend an afternoon of golf with Dan.

UPDATE!  Thank you all for your quick responses, Terry Moore and Dorothee Friese were the lucky respondents who got a glorious afternoon of golf and a steak dinner.  We all played well and won a prize.


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We’re here to help!

We had a little situation occur yesterday that validates how we deal with clients and the expectations of our customers.  One of our clients called us up in a panic about a magazine ad that was going to print very soon.  Jennifer took the call and found out the problem was that our client’s photos were not coming off her camera in a resolution that the magazine required.  Without knowing the camera, the raw photo size and the editing software on our client’s computer, Jennifer realized that the only way to help was to have her bring in her camera.  So, our client came by our office with her camera and connection cord for us to figure out.  Continue reading

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Recently, we were approached by an organization that had their website hacked.  A few years ago, this organization hired a small web  developer related to one of the principals to make their website.  To make things easy and cheap, it was done with a WordPress theme and they were given limited administrative access to make their own changes.  Major changes were left to the web developer.  To reduce ongoing costs, a discount hosting company was enlisted to keep the monthly fees low. Continue reading

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Planning your web development

Here’s an inside tip: don’t leave your web development planning to the last minute.

So many companies come to us with unrealistic timelines because they have very little concept of how long web development takes, how a web company operates and just how much input and feedback the client needs to contribute.

Like any successful company, we are busy.  At any one time we have 30 or 40 projects on the go and in various states of completion.  Most of our staff has a solid month of work ahead of them, subject to constant interruption due to “small stuff”.  Continue reading

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How soon they forget

Occasionally, we will have a client leave us due to the age-old fallacy that “the grass is always greener”.  Sometimes I feel that we are to blame because we have not educated our clients on the value of the services they receive, but oftentimes, it is just pure knee-jerk on the part of the client.

Here’s an example: Continue reading

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The real advantage of buying local

In the past week, I’ve referred a family member, a neighbour and 2 friends to various companies that have their websites with Radar Hill.  It’s a no-brainer for me – I’ve worked closely with the company to build a website, I know their value system, I know about their follow through.  With 9 employees doing the same thing, it started me thinking “this is why companies should work with us”. Continue reading

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Baby Violet is born.

As many of you know, my wife and I have been expecting our first child.  In spite of the worries that medical opinions induced along the way, the entire pregnancy went exceedingly well.  While we would have preferred a natural birth, a c-section was decided upon as a prudent method of getting our baby into the world without complications.  Here she is! Continue reading

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Goodbye Vinnie

Just got back from the funeral.  We had to stand in the parking lot there were so many people.  At first, I was able to listen to the speakers and think about all the times we had a laugh.  Karn Dodd recounted a bunch of fun times and mentioned that Vinnie had hoped to have a family.  Various other people spoke and after quite a while the crowd in the parking lot was able to file in.  After the crowds dispersed a bit, I got inside and realized there was an open casket, which is a little freaky to me.  Continue reading

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