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CRM Information Session

Learn how to organize your clients efficiently.

Join us as we deliver a workshop explaining how to use a CRM (Customer Relations Manager), and how it can help your business. From tracking leads, creating follow up tasks, and storing all emails and files in an effective way, a CRM will make your business run more smoothly, which ultimately means more profit.

Instead of storing names on an Excel spreadsheet, you can store them in the Cloud of a CRM, which makes them easily accessible, easy to edit, and easy to categorize.

In this information session we will cover

  • What is a CRM?
  • What can they do?
  • Overview of some major CRMs
  • Tips on selecting one

One of many benefits of using software that properly organizes contacts is it can help you to avoid losing clients. It’s much easier to get an existing customer to purchase or hire you again, than it is to get an entirely new customer. But, as business growth happens, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of all your clients. They can slip through the cracks, and leave your sphere of contact. But with a CRM, you will know exactly when to contact them again, and what kind of client they are.

Tuesday, January 29th
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Radar Hill Boardroom

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$29.95. Become a client of Radar Hill within 2 months and get an $80 credit.

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