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Google Partners Connect Event – Video Marketing


If you want to get an idea of what exactly happens at one of our Google Partners events, how the room is set up etc., then watch the video! This is just a snippet of the end, after the live stream presentation by experts in online marketing coming from Google offices in California has concluded. Before the live stream, Kendra answers any initial questions and goes over the basics of AdWords. The stream lasts about an hour, and then afterwards there is the opportunity to ask Kendra any new or clarifying questions. There is a lot of information that they pack into that hour, but that is why Kendra there – she is our Google certified Partner. This means that she is also an expert in Google advertising, as Partners are great vaults of knowledge and have to keep up yearly certification.

Every event is themed differently, this one was focused on video marketing, particularly how to advertise on YouTube. As mentioned in the video above, go to youtube.com/ads for more information. A few things to note from the presentation:

YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google itself. YouTube is full of DIY videos and How-To videos and informational videos. Any questions, just type into the search bar and there will likely be a video about it. 1 billion hours are spent watching YouTube a day. With that amount of viewership, the opportunity to advertise on such a large platform is huge.

It is true that it is currently mostly large corporations that advertise on YouTube, having the budgetary resources to produce many high-quality videos. But that should not be the thing stopping you from doing video advertising. This is a great video that is not made with soaring helicopter shots. YouTube is actually a great opportunity to advertise efficiently. Like AdWords, you choose the target. You can select the demographics, geographical location, and the affinity/interests of those who you want to target with your ads. For example, you can choose to show your advertisements only to women aged 18-27 in the Cowichan Valley who have shown an interest in horse riding. You can go very specific with these types of advertisements, so that your money is only going to those most likely to purchase your product, as opposed to a traditional mass campaign that reaches far more people who are not interested in your company, than those who are.

The next Google Partners Event is August 16th, focusing on retail. Please join us!

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