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An Office Away From The Office

This July I was working at Coastal Offices (http://www.coastaloffices.com/) in Colwood. The experience has been great! A wonderful office away from the office. Let me share with you why I think this type of temporary office environment worked for me.

Just like our downtown office access is 24/7 and secure.  The available resources include:

  • Coffee (that’s important);
  • Internet (ya, kinda important too);
  • Printer/copier;
  • Washrooms and a shower (I’ve been biking a lot so this was a real plus).

There is a fantastic reception and support team. Eileen and Tom were always ready to help during normal business hours.

While discussing with a good friend of mine this type of working space we listed the fiscal benefits:

  1. No long term lease. There’s two options: hourly or monthly. This means you’re never committed to more than a month’s rent;
  2. Reduced overhead because you will not need: insurance, common fees, taxes, Internet;
  3. Commuting and parking. (My commute went from 35-45 minutes each way to 10-15 minutes.)

Now that July is over it means my time at Coastal Offices is complete. I’m going to miss all this – thank-you to everyone at Coastal Offices.

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