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March: What’s Up On The Hill?

Wondering about we’ve been up to? Here’s your chance to catch up on all the latest staff adventures, product updates and great new website launches.

The dogs, Ripley and OliverBemail Changes
Office Construction & Rental Space
Come Work with Us
Andrea’s Anniversary
Shawn’s Pet’s
Jennifer in Disneyland
Dan in Mexico
Andrea in Winnipeg
Broken Bones
Google Analytics Referral Spam
Education Boot Camp for Public Speaking
Great Websites Launched for Great Clients

A Brand New Bemail

Last July we conducted a survey among the users of our Bemail (Broadcast Email) real estate service to identify ways that we could improve it for our customers. We received some great responses and as a result made a few changes to the Bemail form and outgoing Bemail format. Read More…

Visiting Radar Hill & Office Spaces

Radar Hill is located at 3301 Douglas Street on the 5th FloorSince Steve Nash Fitness World moved to Uptown last year our office building has been under major renovations.

The entrance has changed: When coming to visit our office, you will now come in through the Douglas Street entrance when driving or walking. Come through the nice glass entrance to the lobby and take the elevator to our top floor office. The lower level parkade is closed for renovations. For the last week of March and the beginning of April, both parkade levels may be closed for renovations. You can park at Standard Furniture on Cloverdale and walk over.

With 3 floors empty, and now beautifully renovated, there is plenty of lovely office space available. If you’d like to work nearby (and be able to stop by more readily for our summer BBQs) you can contact Richmond Property Group or Bob Law about leasing opportunities.

We Are Hiring!

We are adding to the team at Radar Hill and have an opening for a phenomenal, multi-talented Front End / Website Developer. Do you have the skills and aptitude to join us?

See our job posting to apply or pass it on to someone you know would be a great fit!

Happy Anniversary Andrea!

Andrea celebrates 13 years at Radar HillCongratulations to Andrea, who is celebrating her 13th year with Radar Hill this month.

Andrea Keeps our office running, helps clients with phone and email support and is the familiar smiling face that greets everyone as they come to our office. She makes great coffee and we couldn’t imagine how we could get anything done without her. Thank you Andrea, for sticking with us all these years and we look forward to the many more to come!

Dog and Rat

Shawn's dog and ratOne of the O’Hara dogs, Mia, an American Cocker Spaniel, passed away peacefully but suddenly after 10 years, 10 months, and 24 days, due to the sudden onset of a massive internal infection. She gave good hugs, and was like a little kid in a black fur coat, or a snow suit with big mitts. A week later, their pet rat, Willow, passed away at the ripe old rat age of 25 months. She liked to run and climb, and was affectionate. Photo is Willow resting on their last remaining rat, Rose.

A Magical Christmas in Disneyland

Jennifer travels to Disneyland and meets Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before ChristmasFor Christmas, Jennifer left us and headed down to Disneyland with her fiance’s family.

She met up with her 4 nieces (3 triplets under 2 and one 5 year-old) and it was quite a handful! The parks were very busy but the weather was beautiful and spending time with family was amazing while enjoying all the magic Disneyland has to offer.

It was her first visit ever to Disneyland and she had a blast going on all the rides and meeting the characters. Jennifer mentioned that her favourite was meeting Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas!

Catching Rays in Mexico

With two little kids under 4 years old, Dan was in need of a vacation more than anyone in the office. Unfortunately, he and his wife decided to take their kids along to Mexico in January and so they never really had any time off. However, there was warm weather, a fabulous beach and a very nice pool where the kids could frolic and play under the attentive gaze of their exhausted parents. Dan and Violet built many fine sand castles that were immediately destroyed by 2 year-old Erik. Good times.

Sunshine and Snow

Andrea recently took a trip to Winnipeg with her husband and 4 year-old daughter. All-in-all a great visit with her family. She attended the Festival de Voyageur, a vast variety of music artists and activities. They enjoyed sledding, horse drawn sleigh rides and a diverse selection of delicious foods. A great time was had by all.

Broken Bones

Jennifer breaks her fingerJennifer recently broke one of her fingers during an intense soccer game. As a goal keeper she made a great goal save, but one of her fingers just didn’t make it.
She’s been into see a surgeon and thankfully it’s a minor break that will not require surgery, just plenty or recovery time. We thank you for your patience when emailing with her over the next 6 weeks as typing takes a little more time when she’s down a limb.

Google Analytics Referral Spam

There has been a big increase in referral spam coming through Google Analytics website statistics the past few weeks. Referral spam is when a disreputable website accesses your website in a way that makes them appear in your statistics as a referral (a site that is sending your site traffic). They do not actually send your website traffic, and they bank on people being curious enough to visit their website to see where the “traffic” is coming from, at which point they try to scam them into buying bogus SEO or traffic packages.
Some of the most common referral spammers are Semalt, TrafficMonetizer/WebMonetizer, DailyRank, Buttons For Website, and 100 Dollars SEO. At Radar Hill we are currently in the process of filtering their fake traffic out of all reports, but this process doesn’t remove them from past statistics. Because of this, you might see them appear in your referral statistics for June, and your overall website traffic may appear higher than usual. Don’t worry about them, but make sure not to visit their websites, either.

6 Week Speech Craft Workshop

Education Boot Camp for Public Speaking, Leadership & Organizational skills

Open to Corporate, Post-Secondary students and General Public of 18 years of age or older. This is ideal for employees who are looking for Professional Development.

Dates: March 23 – April 27, 2016 (6 Wednesdays)
Time: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Location: Emergency Health Services
Presenters: Dana Pennington AD1 & Catherine Laird AD7
Cost: $129.00 (Credit Cards accepted)

For more information and to register, contact Catherine at 250-380-8529.

Great Websites Launched for Great Clients

Providence Air Ambulance – Full service air ambulance and commercial airline medical escort company. New optimized website with Pyramid CMS | Read More…

Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem – Non-profit that assists for the betterment of those who are in need. Optimized redesign | Read More…

K5 Contracting – Victoria owned and operated drilling and blasting company servicing Vancouver Island and the province of BC. New website design | Read More…

TNT Industries Inc. – Drilling and blasting in BC, Alberta, and Yukon. New optimized website, logo design | Read More…

Eugene’s Greek Food – Producing amazing Tzatziki, Homous and Pita Bread sold at local grocery stores. Optimized redesign | Read More…

DFH Bubble and Bites – Annual fundraising event in support of the BC Cancer Foundation. New optimized website | Read More…

Cristina Staicu – Sooke / Victoria REALTOR® with RE/MAX Camosun Westside. New optimized website, REALTOR® package with VREB listings admin | Read More…

David Carere – Victoria REALTOR® with Newport Realty. New optimized website with Pyramid CMS, REALTOR® package with VREB listings admin | Read More…

Easter is coming! Please note that our office will be closed from March 25th to March 28th for Easter weekend. We’ll be back to regular office hours on March 29th at 9:00 a.m. If you have a critical emergency during the holiday you can contact us at info@radarhill.com or fill out the contact form on our website.

Happy Easter, and thanks for your ongoing support,
The Team at Radar Hill

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