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eNewsletters Done Right

iStock_000017597047XSmallAn eNewsletter, an email sent directly to your clients, means new business. If your current eNewsletter is failing to bring in new business it’s time to change.

The Basics

  1. Use and include your social network (Facebook and Twitter, etc.). Share your message through every social media network you participate in;
  2. Only send when you’ve got something of value to share. The ‘value’ must be recognized by your subscription list otherwise they will simply tune you out;
  3. Keep your subscription list clean. Edit out un-subscribe requests and even those dead end emails (why should these people benefit from your expertise and witty commentary);
  4. Responsive formatting is critical. The statistics are overwhelming – your audience is on the move!
  5. Personalize. Whenever possible, include your clients within the content. Address them personally or ask them to provide you content for your eNewsletter. This technique will take you to a new level of association with your clients!

Relevancy Is Paramount

People will opt out if your content lacks relevancy. Frequency is not a factor if your message is considered valued by the recipient. Here’s a few tips on keeping the relevancy level high:

  1. Know your clients interests. Adjust or find content that you know will appeal to them. Sometimes this means breaking your master subscription list into groups with a common interest;
  2. As I mentioned earlier don’t be shy about asking your subscribers for content. If they send along something you just know they will be looking for their own contribution. And, what do you want to bet they share your eNewsletter with their friends just to showcase their own contribution?
  3. Do not be afraid to hire someone for proofreading or even to write the copy.

Happy eNewslettering!

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