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Traffic Up at VREB.org

Web traffic is huge!The new Victoria Real Estate Board’s website (www.vreb.org) has seen a significant increase of website traffic. At Radar Hill we would contribute this to the implementation of our industry leading RWD (responsive web design) process.

The Statistics Are Up!

June 2015 saw 21,299 visitors to the site. This is a dramatic increase over the local real estate board’s previous website.  These same visitors:

  • Viewed 198,790 pages;
  • Initiated 96,462 sessions;
  • And stayed on the site for an amazing 8:26 minutes per session!

The increase in site traffic and engaging content has reduced the bounce rate to less than 70%.  Another very impressive and positive change.

Solid Solution to the “bane of his existence”

An element of the VREB website is the open house feature. This feature allows site visitors to search through upcoming open houses in either a map or list view.  There are hundreds of open houses every week and this portion of the website is depended upon by thousands of Victoria home hunters as they search for the latest real estate offerings in the Victoria Area.  Previous to our involvement, the updating process for this data was unreliable and induced a fair amount of stress on the staff of the VREB and System Analyst Peter McAllister in particular:

The new site’s been running for 6 months now and it occurred to me today that the open house fetching process has been pretty much bullet-proof since Day 1. I watch the OH widget on the Matrix home page – it’s like a ticker confirming that the fetch is working. As you know, prior to the move over to Radar Hill, the unreliability of the fetch was the bane of my existence. The ticker stopped with alarming frequency, necessitating back-flips to get the fetch going again.

So, if I haven’t said so before, hat’s off to Radar Hill for making my life just a little bit easier! – Peter McAllister VREB Systems Analyst

Here at Radar Hill we are perhaps most proud of this testimonial. With every website we create, we hope to give owners or operators of a business a break from hassles and headaches so that they can focus their attention on the things that matter.

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