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Mobile Websites Are Still Dead

ClosedApril 2012 I wrote about a blog post “Mobile is Dead” detailing the death of mobile only websites. These are the websites that replicate the desktop version of a website for display on a phone. This type of website is SO dead now I cannot believe they are still being sold.

Don’t Waste Your Money

A mobile “friendly” website is not what you want to buy. The reasoning is obvious – it’s only meant to display professionally on a phone! Responsive web design (RWD) is where you want to make your investment – a responsive website is capable of SO much more and is the only product professional web developments companies should sell you. Check out the good reasons to invest in RWD:

  • professional web display will make you look fabulous on every device from phone to tablet to desktop/laptop to television;
  • images are optimized by file size to send the appropriate version (why send a smartphone the desktop sized images – doing this the RWD way will save data fees and wickedly speed up page load time!);
  • any updates made through your content management system (CMS) will appear on your RWD version!

These are a few of the highlights of RWD. Even if you put all of this aside there’s no way you can ignore Google.

Did you hear about “mobilegeddon”?

Mobilegeddon became a de facto part of Google’s ranking and promotion of websites in April this year. If a website did not include a “mobile friendly” version then Google would consider it less than optimum which would have a negative effect on your indexing. (Jargon timeout: mobile friendly – relates to website content that is not formatted for computers that are mobile like smartphones and tablets; indexing – the process Google uses to rank search results.)

Bottom Line

Here it is. Conversion rates show lower on some mobile devices than on desktop. But if you add up all the mobile, which RWD covers, you have 12.26%. That’s more than four times the desktop percentage. Spend your money on a website that works. A website that works everywhere you need to be found. Consult with a professional web development firm that offers a technology that will put you ahead of the competition.

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