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March: What’s up on the Hill?

almond branch with pink blossomsThe Vernal Equinox happened, officially on Friday at 3:45 pm Island Time when the sun was right over the equator. On our pyramid building we did not do what they do in Teotihuacán at the Pyramid of the Sun. We did, however, write about news and events from Radar Hill. In this issue:

Our People on the Hill

The Pyramid: Now that Steve Nash Fitness World has left our building – our pyramid-shaped building at the corner of Douglas and Cloverdale – and moved to Uptown, the three floors they occupied since the early 1980’s are being completely gutted and will be available as office/mixed use space. Looking for new space in a centrally located, architecturally significant building with plenty of parking? You would be close to the Radar Hill offices, and simply need to step into the elevator and come up to see us. Contact Richmond Property Group for opportunities.

Twelve Year Anniversary: Congratulations to our office administrator, Andrea Chan. On March 17 she celebrated her twelve year anniversary at Radar Hill. What a time it has been! “Twelve years ago we hired Andrea as our office administrator. Since we like to look after and provide for our staff, we hired a future husband for Andrea” as Radar Hill co-owner Dan says. Andrea met and married Garrett Chan, our former graphic designer. Thank you Andrea for all your hard work – we do not know what we would do without you.

Speeches and A Cultural Mosaic: Radar Hill co-owner Shawn O’Hara will be co-hosting Victoria – A Cultural Mosaic, at the Harbour Towers Hotel on May 8-9. The annual Toastmasters conference only comes to Victoria about twice per decade. Highlights include two keynote speeches, education sessions and the International Speech Contest. It’s open to everyone, not just Toastmasters. Advertising at the convention or in the program will reach 250+ attendees from across British Columbia. For details, see www.D21SpringConference.org or contact Shawn.

Speechless: It was a dark and stormy night when Shawn’s eldest daughter, Jessica, pulled up to the house with her passenger. Jessica was returning from two weeks with family in the Fraser Valley, the passenger from much farther. Five minutes later, Shawn walked into the living room when Jessica asked him to “come help with something“. As he walked into the living room and saw her his first thought was that “she changed her hair colour“. Then he realized it was not Jessica! It was his next daughter, Caitlin, whom he had not seen in almost a year. He was shocked, speechless, and frozen to the spot for a moment, until his brain caught up. Caitlin is on a student exchange through the University of Victoria and is studying history at Aberystwyth University in Aberystwyth, Wales. She had secretly arranged with Jessica to come home for her three-week Easter break. Jessica had picked her up at the airport on her way back from the Fraser Valley. What a shock to everyone in the family, as captured in a hilarious video (don’t expect it on YouTube anytime soon), especially Shawn, who is rarely surprised or shocked, about anything.

Power Down: A few weeks ago Roger’s family bought a Home Energy Monitor. The monitor displays power consumption in real time. No big deal, he thought. Gimmick? Checking in periodically on how much power the house is using has become a kind of game for his entire family, to see how little power they use. His most recent bill from BC Hydro was $150 less than he thought it was going to be and he blames this ‘gimmick’ device. Let us know how you compare to the Whitson family. Their record low is 4.6 cents an hour. “Beat that!” Roger says. “No, we are not sitting around freezing. We’ve all become more aware, and that’s the savings.”

Hitting the Bullseye: Jennifer’s mother, Heather, currently holds 2 national records in the Master Women Hunter Division for Indoor Archery & Field Archery. This past weekend she competed in the 3D Canadian Indoor Archery Championships in Cloverdale, BC. Jen took a trip over to the mainland to watch her mother compete and finish in third place to win bronze!

Great News from Great Clients

Women Making a Difference: Congratulations to our clients who were featured in Boulevard Magazine (starting on page 91) as “Women Making A Difference“. Way to go to:

Ten Year Anniversary: Congratulations to Paris Styling Group in Duncan on reaching their first decade in business.

Coming Events

  • Join us for An Introduction to Social Media for Real Estate, Tuesday, 24 March, 12:00 pm, in the  Radar Hill boardroom at 3301 Douglas Street in Victoria. | Details and registration…

Great Websites Launched for Great Clients

  • The Super Plumber – Plumbing, drain, and gas fitting services: Optimized redesign with Pyramid CMS, SEO site content tailoring and Google Adwords | Read more…
  • International Montessori Academies: USA and Canada – Montessori education with nine campuses: Optimized redesign with Pyramid CMS | Read more…
  • Vertical Organic Gardening – Gardening invention built upon the science of hydroponics, giving users the ability to grow their own food: New product website custom design | Read more…
  • Boorman’s – Full service real estate and property management company, and long-time client: Optimized redesign with Pyramid CMS, new VREB listings admin with Rentals Component | Read more…
  • Airey Insurance Benefits – Sheila Airey insurance and investment services: Optimized modification based upon supplied design.

That is it for another edition of our newsletter. If there is a special event or celebration you would like mentioned, tell us about it. Thank you for your ongoing support,

The Team at Radar Hill

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Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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