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No Gifts Bought for Christmas

Christmas gift in goldThis year no gifts will be bought for the Whitson children. They have been good kids but they have reached the point in the consumer evolution that “you guys don’t know what we want.*” “You guys” meaning Tracy and I. This year they want money. Money so they can go buy what they want with no strings attached!

Have you gone through this with your own children, or, with nieces or nephews? What did you do? There was a short intense debate with our 9 and 15 year old. (Yes, we like them enough to debate instead of steamroll over the idea.) Their idea has won out. Our son, 15, quickly pointed out that half of “the things you bought I took back any way and got more after Christmas during the sales.” Interesting – and very good point.

With all the hype and pressure of being “wrapped and under the tree” weeks ahead means we are all paying a premium. I admit to being shocked more than once last year at the value they got for their Boxing Day dollars. (Did you know that Boxing Day is more like a week than a single day?) I confess to being a compulsive online shopper which means I plan ahead. So, tossing in the e-commerce towel this year we will be front and center to see how the kids do the day after Christmas. No strings attached – but with veto power reserved (just in case).

*We don’t think they know what they want either!

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