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Baby Erik – Home and Healthy

If you’ve been following along, baby boy Erik had a bit of a rough start with a pheumo thorax and a spell in NICU shortly after birth.  Well, he’s home now and doing great.  Of course, my wife and I could not be happier.


In all, it took 12 days of round the clock care in NICU level 2 and NICU level 1.  It seems like a miracle, but we got to go home with our little boy and without a care in the world.  This experience has given us a deep appreciation of the health care professionals and particularly those on the Mother/Babe floor.  We interacted with dozens of people, all of the highest character:

Angela Schearer – Angela is our midwife and has been with us through two mildly troublesome deliveries.  We can’t say enough about her professionalism, knowledge, experience and her ability to support us through the complications of pregnancy and birth.  Thank you Angela!

Cast of characters (in order of appearance)

Dr. Hancock OB
Emma OR nurse
Dr Krystal O’Byrne pediatrician
Alberta icu clerk
Betty icu nurse
Suzanne day nurse, Mother Babe
Gail icu nurse
Nichole icu nurse
Jessica icu
Julie day nurse, Mother Babe
Uta midwife stand-in
Dr Robertson pediatrician
Dr Zuin pediatrician
Laura icu
Edward icu
Jen icu
Leanna icu
Glenda icu
Sarah icu
Tammy icu

These people are truly devoted.  Our situation was so far from “dire” that it is almost laughable. Yet, we were shown caring and concern commensurate with our extreme worry about the health of our son.  Some people never get to take home a healthy baby, and we were reminded of our good fortune by simply looking around the room while we were in NICU.  Our hearts go out to those families.

Again, my thanks to my partners Roger and Shawn who relieved me of any concern about work while I went through this ordeal.  On with the sleepless nights!



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