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Top 8 Things Not To Do When Getting A Website

Not Know Why You’re Getting It

  • don’t get website for the sake of getting a website, or because “everyone else is doing it”
  • want to have a goal that can be achieved
  • educate self or ask your designer about what websites can achieve and how your marketing can support it, if you’re doing any
  • be informed on the ways it should be supporting your business so that you can make changes if it’s not performing the way it should, and stick to the things that are working well

Budget For The Lowest Amount Possible

  • website is an investment, just like a sales rep or marketing campaign
  • will give back what you put into it, and skimping can leave you shorthanded on meeting your visitors’ needs
  • can keep track of ROI (return on investment) by knowing your customer value and monitoring leads/conversions/etc. that come through the website

outsource to multiple agencies

design for your boss/yourself

treat like a brochure

not budgeting for maintenance/redesign

not getting links

ignore usability

Things to do/expect when requesting a website:

send pictures separate from text
send text in a .doc, .txt, or plaintext email.
Make sure pictures are at least 100 dpi and 500×500 pixels
have content ready up front

Link to https://www.radarhill.com/blog/2015/01/07/meeting-with-your-website-designer-how-to-prepare/

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Self-taught and Google-trained, Kendra is Radar Hill's content expert certified in both Google AdWords and Analytics. Armed with a wide array of testing and analysis tools, she's always researching the latest SEO trends and works hard to make sure that websites and online marketing campaigns deliver a top-notch customer experience.
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