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Website Upgrade: Cherish Community Living

The website for Cherish Living may not look much different, but the back end sure does! We’ve done a major website upgrade for CherishVictoria.ca to our fabulous Pyramid CMS. Previously Cherish had to send all change requests into us as there was no CMS (Content Management System) in place from the previous designer. Now they can make changes to all their page content themselves, making updates quick and easy!

Website Upgrade: Cherish Living CMS

Cherish Living CMS

On top of the content management we also built a document repository for investors. The investors section allows those interested in investing to sign up and be granted access to special documents. Cherish has full control over who is granted access and what documents each user access to.

Cherish Community Living is dedicated to creating inclusive communities for people as they age by offering the tools and technology, support and stimulation for complete balanced living. This website upgrade results in a more efficient process for managing website content and allows Cherish to expand the ways in which they offer excellent services to their clients.

Do you currently have troubles with updating your website? Consider a website upgrade to Pyramid CMS and you’ll be able to easily update your website content anytime! We can customize our CMS to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for your complementary consultation!

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