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New VREB Listing Administration for Real Estate

We have been working hard to improve the VREB Listing administration for our Real Estate clients. Our previous system LIMO (Listing Inventory Management Online) has become old and outdated so it was time to make some changes!

Our new listings administration is no longer LIMO, it is now built in with our Pyramid CMS (Content Management System) which means when you login to make edits to your website content you don’t have to go anywhere else to make changes to your listings! We refer to the new listings administration as the VREB Listings Plug-in and it is being used on all new Real Estate websites and we are offering upgrades for all our Real Estate clients that are using LIMO.

The new VREB Listings is great for agents, agencies and groups of agents working together! It allows you to make updates and changes to your listings and your website content all in one convenient place. Though you won’t have to make changes often on your listings if you’re updating them in Matrix as the data is automatically grabbed from Matrix frequently. This is in place so that if you add a new listing to Matrix, it will appear on your website and if you make changes to a listing in Matrix, it will appear on your website.

The great features you will find when using the VREB Listings as an administrator are:

  • Ability to select feature properties to display on the front page of your website.
  • Ability to add extra documents (such as floor plans) and links (such as virtual tours).
  • Ability to add exclusive listings.
  • Ability to add custom remarks & titles if you wish to display different information then that on MLS­­®.
  • Ability to add videos.
  • Ability to add custom photos (including captions).
  • Each listing automatically generates a feature sheet, QR code & craigslist embedding code.
  • Tracks all submissions to forms (such as tell a friend & book a tour).
Real Estate Listing CMS View

View of a real estate listing when editing in Pyramid CMS. Note the different tabs for editing various information.


Awesome features you will find when using your live website:

  • Custom listing feed displays for property listing pages including:
    • All MLS­­® listings (that opt into the reciprocity agreement). This listing feed includes a search form & custom sorting options of the search results.
    • Custom listing pages! Separate pages for property types (townhouses, condos, land, commercial, etc), map areas (gulf islands, oak bay, esquimalt, etc), price (all listings above 1 million, etc) and more of any combination!
Example of a real estate listings search page.

Example of a real estate listings search page.

  • Interactive Google Map with location.
  • Room dimensions.
  • Displays open house dates/times from Matrix!
One of the Real Estate Listing Feed pages with Open Houses displayed.

An example one of the real estate listing feed pages with open houses displayed.

  • Downloadable Feature Sheet PDF (which can be customized with your branding).
  • Mortgage Calculator.
  • Tell a friend & Book a tour forms.
  • Photo gallery slideshow of all photos.
  • Optimized meta & title tags.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Follows all VREB regulations and rules.

Want to take a look at a live website that is currently using the new VREB Listings? Check out www.sheppardmurray.com.

Not a Victoria REALTOR®? That’s OK, there are automatic listing options for REALTORS® outside of Victoria too! Contact us for details on customizing your Real Estate website!

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