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New Website Launched: Pemberton Holmes Ltd.

Pemberton Holmes Ltd. has been serving Vancouver Island since 1887. With over 250 REALTOR®s specializing in residential and commercial real estate, they offer buyers and sellers sound advice and professional service. Although they’ve had a web presence for many years, it was finally time to refresh and modernize their design, features and information, and cater to their growing mobile audience with a new responsive website.

Pemberton Holmes


The new Pemberton Homes website allows them to offer easy to use tools to their REALTOR®s and the REALTOR®s clients that can be used from any device! As a leader in their industry is it important for them to be able to offer amazing service that isn’t just available on your computer but on your smart phone as well! Take a look for yourself by visiting www.pembertonholmes.com.

This site uses our new Pyramid CMS that gives the Pemberton Holmes website administrators the ability to quickly and easily update the content on all the pages, and allows REALTOR®s to log-in and access password-protected company information. Residential and commercial real estate listings are now easy to administer using our listing management system. Since they can update their site on the go you can rest assured that all their content and listings are current!

With 126 years in the business you can be sure that when dealing with Pemberton Holmes and their REALTOR®s you’re in good hands!

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