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LimeSpot joins hands with nature-inspired clothing retailer – Harlequin Nature Graphics

We, Radar Hill, have partnered up with LimeSpot to bring a whole new great product to our clients. First up to try this new product, a personalized online shopping store through Facebook, is Harlequin Nature Graphics.

Limespot logo“On Wednesday (Nov-5-2013), a three person LimeSpot team visited the head office of Harlequin Nature Graphics in [Cobble Hill], BC, Canada.

We were joined by a team from one of our partner firms Radar Hill. We had a great time integrating the inventory of Harlequin with LimeSpot to start the process of getting their Facebook Shop up in time for the big holiday rush. Kevin Clancy the owner of Harlequin was amazed to see the various possibilities offered by a LimeSpot powered Facebook shop. He was excited that a small retailer in a town an hour north of Victoria, BC could be a key part of a revolution in e-commerce by using social network platforms as a third sales channel. By using our services, Harlequin can now offer a personalized shopping experience to sell their nature-inspired merchandise to customers globally, and the best part is that they don’t need any alternate e-commerce or marketing channel. Harlequin shows again that the Facebook page of a company is all that it takes to connect, promote and sell products to customers everywhere to that they can be shipped.

Of course the old fashioned way of buying things still applies, Harlequin sold a couple of their great products to the LimeSpot and Radar Hill staff. It was a great day!”

Original article and photos can be found here: http://limespot.com/blog/?p=116

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