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We had a little situation occur yesterday that validates how we deal with clients and the expectations of our customers.  One of our clients called us up in a panic about a magazine ad that was going to print very soon.  Jennifer took the call and found out the problem was that our client’s photos were not coming off her camera in a resolution that the magazine required.  Without knowing the camera, the raw photo size and the editing software on our client’s computer, Jennifer realized that the only way to help was to have her bring in her camera.  So, our client came by our office with her camera and connection cord for us to figure out.  Unfortunately, our boardroom was booked with another client meeting so Roger stepped in and moved the photos to our server and took a look at the native resolution of the photos and checked her camera to see if the setting needed alteration.  Everything looked fine on the camera, so it just became a matter of resizing the photos to a smaller size but a higher resolution.  Megan jumped in and manipulated the photos in Photoshop, emailed them to the client and even set up a dropbox link to ensure that she would be able to get the high resolution versions to the magazine without issue.

Of course, we don’t advertise ourselves as a “bring us your camera and we’ll figure it out” kind of company, but this level of support and ability is what sets us apart from other firms.  As an owner, I’m proud of the way our client was met with “yes we can” from several employees here at Radar Hill to get the task accomplished.

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Dan is one of the owners and founders of Radar Hill Technology Inc. Getting to know how other businesses run is a source of endless fascination for him in his job as project manager.
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