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Victoria’s Finest Passed Me

Last month I joined the “Bike to Work” movement.  I only managed the single ride – lazy me.  I really enjoyed my ride in and plan on biking more often.

Yes, many of Victoria’s finest passed me as if I was standing still.  Some with a gruff ‘on your left’, others a friendly ‘morning’ as they rode and still more with a tinkling of a bell – my favourite.

Along with the passing companionship of fellow riders was the trail – the Galloping Goose Trail.  The Trail meandered at times but never left me.  What a treasure we have in this linear park.

It has been a long time since I traveled the Trail for any reason.  With that passing of years came a few new surprises.  The old Colwood Corners Pub now sits at far back of the Colwood Corners (Capital City Centre) development and visible from the Trail.  (For the real old timers you might recall that that building – or parts of it –  used to be the R.C.M.P. station for the area.)

There are dozens of houses built along the Trail.  Hundreds, if you take in to account the developments in the Six Mile area.

Nothing amazing to share – just wanted to share with my fellow Victorians my experience in our wonderful city!

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