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New Website Launched: My Chosen Cafe

My Chosen Cafe is a restaurant and pizza delivery shop located in Metchosin.  Their new website is a Responsive Website Design (RWD), which means it can be viewed and is fully functional on all devices: desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

My Chosen Cafe Responsive Re-design: Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile versions

On their homepage, a slideshow features their gift cards, menu items, and a map to their location.  My Chosen Cafe owners will now be able to update their menu and other website content themselves using Radar Hill’s Pyramid Content Management System.

The website design was intended to resemble (with a little creative license) their printed menus, with similar colours and fonts, and “Old West” style graphics blended into the background. Their main goal for the new website was to market the cafe to patrons. While designing and building the website we continually asked ourselves “what would a customer or potential customer of My Chosen Cafe like to see on this website?” We needed to make sure that the website design matched the atmosphere of the cafe: Welcoming, relaxed, comfortable, fun & delicious. Unlike so many restaurant websites in which the food menus are ineffectively displayed as .pdf, Flash, or images, the My Chosen Cafe food menus are RWD, so they can be viewed on mobile devices. Being RWD, they are optimized for Google. A family driving around the West Shore would look up the restaurant, easily read the food menus, then visit the restaurant.

Be sure to check out their “Critter Corner” for a photo gallery of resident goats, sheep, chickens, and other animals.

My Chosen Cafe Goat


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