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HIRED: PHP Programmer

We are looking for a PHP Programmer to join our team. If you are an experienced, intelligent, enthusiastic individual and a master at frameworks, ideally the CakePHP Framework, with complete fluency in PHP 5 and MySQL, a passion for usable application design, and a borderline OCD for web technologies, we want to hear from you!


  • Offer competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Work Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm with the option of flexible hours.
  • Feed you: Frequent breakfasts, BBQs and lunches.
  • Have great coffee and a fully stocked kitchen.
  • Offer our staff free gym memberships (directly below our office).
  • Send our staff to workshops, conferences and courses to update their skills.


  • Have strong working knowledge and experience with the Cake PHP framework.
  • Are experienced with technologies related to web programming including online application development, cross-platform scripting languages, data modeling, and database construction and administration.
  • Have practical knowledge of work flow and processes for common online applications including content management systems, forms, shopping carts, payment transactions, log-in authentication schemes, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Have solid knowledge in at least one Javascript framework, such as JQuery, Prototype, or Mootools.
  • Are comfortable working with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) code design paradigm.
  • Are experienced with at least one version control system, preferably Subversion or Git.
  • Are able to troubleshoot and fluently hand-code clean, compliant, and semantic HTML 5 CSS, AJAX and JavaScript.
  • Have expert knowledge of cross-browser compatibility, IE rendering issues, and non-hacked fixes (or better yet, avoiding conflicts altogether).
  • Know how to make websites be phenomenal on smartphones.
  • Are constantly looking to improve your phenomenal-ness as a PHP programmer. You read blogs and tutorials, listen to podcasts and anything else you can get your hands, eyes or ears on!
  • Love collaborating and learning from your peers (bonus points if you can teach us something!).

Required Skills:

  • You have a thorough knowledge of object-oriented PHP 5.
  • You are a master at frameworks.
  • You have a thorough comprehension and experience with FTP, Shell, TCP/IP, MySQL, Apache etc.
  • You are a hard-working team player who is responsible and pays atention to the little detials
  • You love making sure code works, and works well.
  • Have a passion for W3C validation, accessibility, and properly structured semantic markup.

To apply, send an email to hr (at) radarhill.com and include:

  • URLs to your online portfolios & examples of your phenomenal-ness.
  • Your resume and references.

Only those applicants who are selected for a one-on-one interview will be contacted.

About ken

Ken started experimenting with web design and construction over a decade ago, and has spent countless hours agonising over layouts in Photoshop and marking up websites since then. He strives to create websites that are easy to use, functional, and stunning to look at. By taking time to fully understand the needs and goals of each project Ken aims to create design solutions that not only look great, but serve a purpose. When not creating solutions for the web, Ken can often be found picking banjo, jumping in lakes, and checking out live music around town.
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