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A cool guy passes away

Vinnie Gill (Vininder Singh)I learned today of the passing of Vinnie Gill, a client and friend of mine for more than 6 years.  Vinnie was a busy Realtor involved with many projects, so I had the good fortune of meeting with Vinnie regularly to discuss and organize the online marketing of whatever project was “on the go”. 

These meetings were always friendly, we had a great time talking about his plans for the project, the display, the small details.  We were also frequently off on a tangent, talking about all sorts of personal things from car purchases to the health of our fathers.  Our meetings were 20% business, 80% fun, so “absolutely excellent” in my book.  We got along great and I’ll miss him.  There will be more official announcements to follow, but for now, I’m just sad.


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Dan is one of the owners and founders of Radar Hill Technology Inc. Getting to know how other businesses run is a source of endless fascination for him in his job as project manager.
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