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What you need to know to attract visitors to your web and turn them into customers.

Each business is at least, in part, a mirror of its owner’s vision. Your business will naturally reflect the area in which you SHINE!

Before you can begin to build or revamp a website, you need to spend time understanding what you offer that is different from your competition. Do you offer the best price? Guarantees that cover more or are longer term? Outstanding customer service? Quick turn around? Longer hours?

Even in industries where there is little room for variety, if you look long enough and close enough, you’ll discover small differences. Always remember, there is a reason why customers choose one business over another, even when they seem the same at first glance.

You don’t have to be perfect. All you have to do is be better than your competition in a way that is meaningful to your customers.

Still not sure? During a business presentation by Dynamic HR Solutions, Ginger Brunner* stated “customers may not remember exactly what they bought from you , they may not even remember the price but they absolutely will remember how you made them feel”. When I thought about this, I realized Ginger was correct.

Once you know exactly why your best customers are loyal you can begin to write content for your website that attracts more great customers.

Your web is never truly about you – it’s about your visitors. The most successful businesses on the web understand their visitors are looking to solve a problem. The only thing they want to know when they first visit your web is what you can do for them. Tell them right away how you are going to solve their problem. Visitors scan a webpage and select the first choice that matches what they are looking for. Not necessarily the best choice, but the first. So make your words count.

Know what you shine at – tell them clearly and then deliver on your promise. You’ll attract and keep customers, building loyalty by focusing on them first.

*Ginger heads a team of qualified human resources specialists. Visit dynamichrsolutions.com if you’d like to learn more.

About Guest Writer: Lynne Robson

Lynne Robson was the former owner of JoeyToes Design Ltd. Lynne had been in business since 1996 and when she decided to retire, as Lynne says “I knew I needed someone who would look after my clients, who would deliver the high quality of service they have come to expect. I looked around and there were no companies in Duncan that I could trust with my clients.” Radar Hill has been on friendly terms with Lynne for many years and are very humbled that Lynne has selected us as the best company to take care of her operation.
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