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New Website Launched: SmokenBones.ca

Smoken Bones Cookshack is the premiere destination for barbeque on Vancouver Island. Meat is naturally wood-smoked on-site, yielding fall-off-the-bone meaty succulence. Their burgers are hand-crafted in-house, as is every slice of crisp salty bacon, juicy sausage link and wedge of delectable smoked cheese. Smoken Bones Cookshack has moved to their new location in the Hudson at the corner of Douglas and Herald St Downtown.

With Radar Hill’s Content Management System, the staff at Smoken Bones can add and edit coming events, update photos, review guestbook posts, and keep their menus current. Check out their new website at www.smokenbones.ca.

Smoken Bones Cookshack

Smoken Bones Cookshack

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