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I’m being Impersonated on Twitter

A friend of Radar Hill, and a highly recommended, effective social media consultant, Jose Albis (@josealbis) of Albis Consulting Group, tweeted to us that we were being impersonated.

I looked up the person’s account, and was surprised with what I saw. Our Twitter avatar, bio, and location were copied from our Twitter profile at www.twitter.com/radarhill. The only thing different was the username. This Twitter impersonator had even replied to our clients just like we do!

Sadly, this is very common. It is so common that Twitter has an easy process to report such impersonations.

We read Twitter’s Impersonation Policy, then submitted a ticket request.

Simple and easy. Now, we wait for a response from Twitter.

Another great Twitter resource here in Victoria BC is Mat Wright (@matvic) who wrote a very useful blog post about Twitter, verified Twitter accounts, and the impersonation issue: Help! I’m Being Impersonated on Twitter.

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Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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