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HIRED: Administrator of our Office & Bookkeeper

We have one opening at Radar Hill for an Administrator of our Office & Bookkeeper.

If you are an experienced, intelligent, enthusiastic individual with complete mastery of Simply Accounting, with poise, charm, and charisma to fill in part-time for a maternity replacement (We love Andrea!), we want to hear from you!


  • Are a goddess / godder at Simply Accounting, with skills to do everything involved with: billing our clients; putting it in the bank so we stay happy; paying our awesome staff so they stay happy; paying our suppliers including the restaurants, markets, and cafes where we shop so we can feed our awesome staff to keep them happy; keeping the books so our accountant stays happy; and yes, doing the brain-numbing government filing so the owners stay out of jail. Bonus if you can improve our processes.
  • Have excellent people skills to do basic computer support (“Have you turned it off and back on again?“) while remaining calm and unfazed; greet clients; and book appointments.
  • Answer the telephone; take messages; and handle email and paper (yes, paper) correspondence.
  • Have strong knowledge and experience in using the Internet, and the Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, and Outlook Express.
  • Do OCR; typing, and transcribing handwritten notes (I know, I know it is almost 2012, but some people still use paper…) and scanning photos (…and print their pictures).
  • Manage our office including prepping our boardroom for meetings and workshops; and changing washroom paper rolls (we have a procedure for this).
  • Know what a domain name is and why they are so important, since you will be babysitting about a legion’s worth.
  • Edit good, and pay atention to the little detials
  • Want to be at a nice desk in our beautiful office, not in a drab and windowless cubicle, and be able to lunch on one of our three decks giving great views of the city.
  • Love collaborating and learning from your peers (bonus points if you can teach us something!). You must be comfortable interacting with a motley crew of designers, programmers, carnivores, clients, smoothie drinkers, coders, vegetarians, bacon eaters, bikers, writers, pie eaters, support staff, and animal lovers.


  • Offer competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Are fun, but love to work and junk.
  • Feed you: Frequent breakfasts, BBQs and lunches.
  • Have great coffee.
  • Whip you into shape: Gym Membership to work off the BBQ.
  • Are an equal-opportunity employer.
  • Offer free parking, elevator access, and are on a major bus route.

This position is for a one-year maternity replacement, starting January 3rd, 2012, part-time, 25 hours a week within a 9:00 am – 5:00 pm window, and could be ideal for a parental unit who wants to work while the offspring are in school.

To apply, send an email to hr (at) radarhill.com and include:

  • A catchy subject line
  • A list of your top 3 skills
  • Your resume and references

Closing date: Monday, November 21 at 4:00 pm.

About Shawn

Co-owner and one of the founders of Radar Hill, Shawn is an award-winning public speaker who publishes our newsletters and organizes our monthly workshops. He loves working with business owners, and tries to keep up with marketing trends.
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One Response to HIRED: Administrator of our Office & Bookkeeper

  1. Adam Brown says:

    Haha…I like this point:

    “Edit good, and pay atention to the little detials”

    Is this this litmus test?